Coltibuono Winery. Monti in Chianti (Siena)Sartogo and Grenon. 1999

Sartogo architects,



Practical and aesthetic considerations, high tech and elegant style: this is the new trend in "designer wineries", many of which have been built over the past decade, specially created by world-renowned architects for winemakers with an established tradition.

Coltibuono Winery. Monti in Chianti (Siena)Sartogo and Grenon. 1999 Despite its contemporary aesthetic, the new winery clearly reveals its link with tradition, as its lines and forms are based on classical and, especially, renaissance architecture.
The architectural and landscaping solutions employed reveal Sartogo's typical tendency to propose ideas based on the concreteness of the site and specific functional requirements.
He also responded to the proprietors' passion for the making of Chianti classico and the importance of the winery for local history, building a structure which acknowledges the present but also respects the past.
The project also reveals Sartogo's propensity to participate in all aspects of his projects, participating in all stages from planning of landscaping to design.

Laura Della Badia

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