Cologne. Media Park "Forum". Herman Hertzberger. 2004

Herman Hertzberger,


Offices, Companies,

Glass, Cement,

It was an unused old freight station, and since 1987 it has been transformed into a modern office complex: the Cologne Media Park has recently been enriched with a new block designed by Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger.

Cologne. Media Park In 1991 he won the competition held to improve the appearance of the place, especially the exterior of the buildings, which were anonymous and characterless. The five new buildings that form the Media Park "Forum" are arranged around a central piazza to create a triangular block.

What is new about the organisation of these buildings is the inversion of the main façade and the back: the front of the building is on the inside, facing onto the piazza, while the rear faces the outside of the block.
The rounded façades facing onto the piazza house the essential functions of the office buildings, while the sides facing onto the street are organised differently, on the basis of specific requirements.
This solution reveals their diversity from the street, while all the office buildings look the same from inside the piazza. The façades visible from the street have less glass on them but conserve a well-groomed image, while the arched surfaces are covered with large grey windows running their full height.


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