Coeur Défense, France

Sport & Wellness, Store,

Cement, Glass,

Project type: service building
Surface area: 4,000 sq. m.
Quantity: 160,000 sq. m.
Parking spots: 2820
Client: EPAD (Etablissement Public d'Aménagement de La Défense) - Tanagra member of the Unibail group
Architects: architect: Jean Paul Viguier; Andrès Larrain; Juan Trindade; Bernard Grenot
Materials used: glass, cement, steel
Project duration: 1991-2001

Coeur Défense, France The Kiosk, a service centre in the Atrium, offers all workers a series of services which are useful over the day precisely because of the difficulty of finding space for them during working hours.
People may leave clothes to be cleaned, photographs to be developed, requests for tickets for the opera, or have their cars washed or documents photocopied. The intent is to further develop these services over time, making the working day easier.

Workers may then dedicate their lunch break to a walk, sports, or shopping in the stores opening onto the Atrium..... this new heart of the défense.

Isabella Bembo Brunot

Original photographs by Isabella Bembo Brunot

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