CN10architetti New installation in the Sala delle Capriate, Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo Alta


Bergamo, Italy,


A minimalist project packed with significance, demonstrating great respect for the setting that inspires it: a look at the new installation in the Sala delle Capriate in the Palazzo della Ragione, in Bergamo Alta, designed by CN10architetti.

CN10architetti New installation in the Sala delle Capriate, Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo Alta

An installation to look up to! CN10Architetti designed it for the Sala delle Capriate in Palazzo della Ragione, in Bergamo Alta, commissioned by the City of Bergamo with the support of the Region of Lombardy. The Palazzo della Ragione is an important 12th century building in the historic city, and the Sala delle Capriate has served a number of functions over the centuries; it is currently used to exhibit artefacts and works of art brought here from other historic buildings in the city.

CN10Architetti’s project hinges around a number of key concepts: non-invasiveness, making the most of the existing space, luminosity, flexibility, dynamism, compactness, non-exclusiveness. It consists of a system of suspended hexagons, a synthesis packed with significance. This minimal intervention does not interfere with the works of art on display, but demonstrates great respect for its context, emphasising the value of the space and accentuating its dramatic aspect. The size of the hexagons is consistent with that of the big wooden trusses on the roof over the room and corresponds to hexagonal islands of the same size on the floor, which can be freely arranged in the space.
The hexagons recall the system of circles of coloured glass and the rods that form them contain a variety of different technical devices: audio and video equipment, motorised technical canvases, hooks, etc. creating a dynamic system permitting different forms of installation or exhibition using all or part of the equipment. To simplify maintenance and customisation of the exhibition space, the installation has a motor-driven system for lowering the structure to human height for quick, safe work.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: CN10architetti www.cn10.it
Location: Bergamo, Italy

Images courtesy of CN10architetti


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