Citroen Showroom. Paris. Manuelle Gautrand. 2007

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture,



Steel, Glass,

C42: The building at number 42 Avenue des Champs Elysées that has been the historic French carmaker's headquarters since 1928 has a new look.

Citroen Showroom. Paris. Manuelle Gautrand. 2007 Careful choice of colours focusing on alternation of red and white also contributes to this result. Red dominates on the underground level, but appears only here and there on the higher levels, giving way to white. The result is apparent on the outside too: a bright facade attracting people on the Champs Elysèes with its lights and colours, but fitting discretely into its context. The original idea of red glass panels was set aside because it would have given the whole building an excessively high impact appearance. The spectacular, futuristic showroom also has a panoramic elevator to take visitors up to the top floor to enjoy panoramic views over Paris. The project presents some of the outstanding features of all Gautrand's work, such as the focus on the relationship between old and new, between inside and out, and the lively idiom which permits the building to interact with its context, while the cars form a towering sculpture inside it.

Laura Della Badia

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