CiBiEmme, BMW dealership


Location: Albenga (SV) - Italy
Client: CiBiEmme
Flooring: GranitiFiandre
Project type: Flooring and special interior work for a showroom

CiBiEmme, BMW dealership Work has been completed on the CiBiEmme BMW dealership in Albenga, a seaside town in Liguria.
The harmonious modern architecture of the building gives the prestigious German automobile manufacturer's high-end models the emphasis they deserve.
White walls with a minimalist look emphasise the showroom's dark ceiling, against which the lighting system running along a white frame stands out.
The emphasis on this contrast of light and dark is maximised by flooring materials from GranitiFiandre, which has given free rein to its creativity in Vagli and Princess Blue: light Vagli with its beige veins and Princess Blue with darker veins are divided over the two areas in the showroom, meeting in the centre in an apparently random laying scheme.
On both sides of the main dealership area are CiBiEmme logos, in the same shape but different colours.
The logo on a background of Princess Blue is made of Vagli, while the logo in the lighter area is made of red Rubin.
Prestige and quality are guaranteed by the signature of GranitiFiandre appearing on a slab.

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