Chiesa del Santo Volto. Sartogo Architetti Associati. Rome. 2006

Sartogo architects,


Churches & Cemeteries,


Broken in two by a strong spatial sign, by an "illuminated path" running beyond the building toward the symbolic heart of the project: Chiesa del Santo Volto is a compact, monolithic building with an unusual church-square opening up onto the city.

Chiesa del Santo Volto. Sartogo Architetti Associati. Rome. 2006 The architectural layout is a determined by the need to make the most of the area on Via della Magliana between the frontage with the buildings and the frontage on a broad treed avenue adjacent to a bend in the Tiber River.
The space opening up in the area of greatest divergence between the perspective lines is the vast churchyard, one of the most significant parts of the project because it communicates with the space around it, simulating the shape of two arms opening up to the city. This sign of invitation and welcome, formed by a huge "V", is also a gap in the urban space, a piazza, a hinge joining the city and the church.

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