Woodsy Maximum, wood effect porcelain tiles


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GranitiFiandre’s wood effect tiles in the Woodsy Maximum collection expand on the concept of the architectural surface, proposing a new sensorial experience with easy laying and numerous potential combinations with other Maximum collections

Woodsy Maximum, wood effect porcelain tiles

The best examples of architecture and design often have the ability to evoke atmospheres, memories and sensations, going beyond the image perceived by the senses.
Seen in this way, these surfaces are among the most flexible and distinctive features of modern architecture, going beyond the functions of decking and simple covering.
The best designs available on the market for floor and wall coverings are characterised by an aesthetic that reveals personal tastes and makes an essential contribution to defining the identity of indoor and outdoor spaces.

This is the case, for example, of Woodsy Maximum, wood effect porcelain tiles by GranitiFiandre designed to evoke the warmth and the sensations typical of wood.
Produced using innovative Maximum Fiandre Extralite© technology and only 6 mm thick, Woodsy is an exemplary surface for design.
On one hand it offers the guaranteed resistance to water and wear that makes porcelain particularly suitable for use "in the bathroom and wellness area, and in high traffic areas".
At the same time, the appearance of wood is of timeless value and capable of calling up positive sensations at all latitudes, as it is universally associated with the warmth of the "domestic hearth", the serenity of the family home and the stability of nature.

The ultra-thin wood effect porcelain tiles in the Maximum collection simplify installation and can even be laid over existing floors.
Woodsy picks up on particular hues, with wood effect porcelain tiles in Pearl, Cream and Tobacco hues, distinguished not only by their colour but by their veins, knots and particular details.
In the "strip" format (180x21.5 cm), Woodsy maintains the same aesthetic qualities with monochromatic laying schemes or blends of 3 colours, and can easily be combined with other surfaces in the Maximum line such as Marmi, Aster, HQ.Resin and Quietstones to create customised surfaces with a highly original visual appeal.

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