Wood-effect kitchen countertops: SapienStone’s new Rovere collection

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All the warmth of wood and the strength of top-quality porcelain in a single product.  SapienStone, the first Iris Ceramica Group brand focusing entirely on surfaces for the kitchen, now offers a new Rovere (oak) texture in the colours Baio (Bay) and Buckskin.  A designer collection offering all the key benefits of porcelain: strength, non-absorbency and compactness

Wood-effect kitchen countertops: SapienStone’s new Rovere collection
The new 2019 collections for home design pick up on the ideas, styles and trends presented in the latest editions of the world’s most important interior decorating fairs.
During the year that is now drawing to a close, alongside the total look and constant customisation in the home, a number of combinations were offered based on juxtaposition and mixing of different elements.
Furnishings, accessories, surfaces and all kinds of articles for the home were influenced by this trend toward combining different textures, colours and materials.
The creativity of the new proposals and materials gives spaces new identities, expressing imagination and inventiveness in everyday atmospheres.

The kitchen, traditionally one of the most expressive rooms in the home, is one of the most stimulating areas for designers’ creativity.
Surfaces present the most important innovations, with the contribution of the best covering materials such as porcelain made by the Iris Ceramica Group.
A world leader in the production of beautiful high-tech ceramics entirely Made in Italy, the Iris Ceramica Group serves more than 100 countries, offering innovative solutions with its numerous brands, increasingly becoming an international landmark in the ceramics industry.
The Iris Ceramica Group’s strong points are above all its on-going commitment to technological innovation in the world of ceramics, directed toward a future that "becomes value as it is aimed at achieving an objective and not just a subjective improvement in quality of life".

Technical advancement that goes hand-in-hand with international design trends and now finds one of its utmost expressions in the SapienStone brand.
In the SapienStone collections the Iris Ceramica Group focuses on the design and manufacture of the best kitchen countertops on the market, going beyond both the traditional functions of countertop and worktop and the concept of the designer covering.
SapienStone kitchen countertops are surfaces that make the experience of everyday cooking easier and healthier so we can enjoy our kitchens to the full.
The textures of SapienStone kitchen countertops are designed to withstand the many forms of stress that such surfaces can be subjected to, offering important benefits such as resistance to high temperatures, temperature excursions and blows without altering their colour over time, as their innate resistance extends to UV rays, acids and corrosive substances.
Producing no emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the Iris Ceramica Group’s top-quality porcelain also guarantees non-absorbency, compactness, and lack of porosity.
Together, these advantages make the surfaces very easy to clean and sanitise, aspects of primary importance, particularly in the kitchen.

On the occasion of the 36th CERSAIE International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, SapienStone expanded its already vast colour range with the presentation of the new Rovere collection, consisting of two new finishes inspired by wood: darker, bolder Rovere Baio and lighter Rovere Buckskin.
Faithfully reproducing the look and feel, the naturalness and innate warmth typical of the oak wood that gives it its name, the new Rovere collection combines the look of wood with the strength and benefits of porcelain in a single product.
According to Managing Director Javier Guardiola, “The surface is designed with a light structure and a specially developed enamel that gives it a soft feel perfect for the kitchen countertop”.

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