Tradition meets modernity in FMG's marble-like tiles

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FMG's marble-like porcelain stoneware surfaces are ideal for rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom which require qualities such as durability, waterproofness and resistance to chemicals. MaxFine extra-large, ultra-fine slabs are technologically modern yet classic in style

Tradition meets modernity in FMG's marble-like tiles

Choosing marble-like porcelain tiles means choosing the best high-tech product on the market even while evoking a time-honoured tradition. Marble-like porcelain stoneware walls and floors fit into the great tradition of classic surface coverings, recalling the iconography of a material that has always stood for permanence and stability and still covers centuries-old villas and public buildings effectively and attractively. FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti'has been exploring the frontiers of high-tech ceramics for more than 50 years, offering the most advanced technological solutions in numerous collections producing a great variety of effects: in addition to marble, the company produces tiles in the style of other classic archetypes of beauty for surfaces, such as granite, metal, stone, and wood and cement.'

Porcelain stoneware surfaces are immune to attack by common chemical and atmospheric agents, and represent the ideal in terms of easy cleaning and resistance to fire, heat and stains. This makes them perfect for parts of the home which require frequent cleaning and are often in contact with moisture, such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

In our gallery we have selected a number of FMG kitchens in which marble-like surfaces underline the material's aesthetic qualities with delicate hues and accentuation of light. These are maxi-tiles from the MaxFine line, an innovative range of large porcelain stoneware slabs (320x160, 300x150, 300x100, among others) which find their ideal place in the kitchen, not only on the floor and walls but on the visible surfaces of drawers, cupboards and cabinets, and even as a lining for sinks.

FMG presents a collection of 12 variations on marble-like tiles, from the clear, delicate lines of Alps Heart'and Extra White to the grey of Blue de Savoie and the darker qualities of Eramosa'and Black Venato.
Marble-like tiles in both light and dark versions stand out in the kitchen with their soft light, underlining even the most hidden details and corners.
The visual power of the original veins in the marble is unaltered in the presence of natural or artificial light, creating original aesthetic effects and offering a great range of possibilities for combination with accessories in similar or contrasting colours.

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