The Visuals of excellence in ceramics at Mosbuild.

Moscow, Russia,

Porcelain Tile,

Ariostea, GranitiFiandre, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Iris Ceramica, Porcelaingres,

At Mosbuild in Moscow, the best porcelain manufacturers showed off the excellence of Italian tiles, offering not only aesthetic pleasure but advanced production technology and free choice of sizes. From petrified wood ceramics to glossy marble-like porcelain, the choice of finishes was another surprise.

The Visuals of excellence in ceramics at Mosbuild.

Mosbuild presents new developments in design for architecture in the Russian Republic. A place to discuss ideas about the future of design, through the new building materials. A number of Italian manufacturers of porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles stood out at the event for their creativity, talent and technical innovation, supported by high-impact visuals. We visited them and discussed their concept of Italian ceramics.
One by one, we present these companies’ considerations on their products and individual image as elements distinguishing their particular excellence.

Fiandre combines its 300X150 maxi-tiles with the colours and textures of precious stones and marbles in its Precious Stones collection. Special effects created with colour and a high gloss resin treatment give these surfaces a truly unique shine, a brilliance unrivalled by any other ceramic material. Masterfully exhibited by architect Francesco Lucchese, these porcelain tiles provided the backdrop for an installation of refined elegance in which a few simple items of furniture suggest their versatility in interior decoration. These tiles can be used in large public spaces and private homes alike, and are the result of advanced technical research into the production of porcelain surfaces.

IRIS Ceramica presented the warm, subtle hues of earth and stones in a refined, cosy total look. The settings were barely hinted at through use of iconic objects: a bathtub, a sink and an armchair demonstrated to observers just how porcelain can transform space. Collections enriched with classic decorations led to the luxury of contrasting black and white with tone-on-tone decorations. The company underlined the different possible laying schemes and potential combinations with woodwork, in a refined demonstration of what can be achieved in design through use of ceramic tiles.

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti divided its stand into two parts: one focusing on compositional and modular potential, ranging from mosaic tiles to big slabs of man-made marble, and another concerned with design, where visitors could sit down at a drawing table and observe the different hues of colour obtained with solid ceramic tiles on the walls of the stand. Here the material itself was the star of the show, with a focus on its technical and decorative properties, underlining how the new working techniques can transform marble and slate powders into long-lasting, wear-proof, strong tiles for architecture.

Porcelaingres presented the public with inclined maxi-slabs, clearly revealing how incisive their ductility and flexible design can be. The visuals offered on this occasion were like a little treasure chest containing a series of evocative miniature spaces, each representing a different room in the home. From the bathroom to the living room, from the parlour to the kitchen, all the spaces in the home were depicted through the objects that make them refined and special. Marble whites, industrial greys and earthy or stone-like browns were the most popular trends launched by the company at Mosbuild. The decision to present soft, subtle hues with a vast colour palette made this ceramics manufacturer particularly interesting to the Russian market.

Ariostea opted to present its products at a conceptual stand where the accent was not on the possibilities for applying porcelain but on the different sizes, from the smallest to the largest. In a brightly lit, minimal space characterised by simple rough wooden structures, the company presented its ceramic surfaces as if they were paintings or abstract compositions, intended for an audience of designers capable of transforming these flexible sizes into custom-designed projects. The company’s technical experience was also revealed in its Ultrawood collection, in which porcelain takes on the textures, colours and warmth of wood, transforming it into a high-tech material suitable for use in all public or private spaces.

The Mosbuild experience brought all the quality, technology and culture of Italian design to Moscow.


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