The natural expressiveness of high-tech stoneware

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Pietralavica, the Eiffelgres collection of porcelain stoneware tiles, maintains the expressive nature and quality of quarry stone, creating a new identity for surfaces and boosting the atmospheres of interiors and exteriors.

The natural expressiveness of high-tech stoneware

Using porcelain stoneware tiles for the floors in your home is a perfect choice that combines the performance principles of the most versatile floor covering material with the greatest freedom of expression for the designer.

The Pietralavica line by Eiffelgres transposes the entire natural evolution of actual quarry stone into the forms and colours of high-tech stoneware; and it does this without altering the beauty, random chromatics and veining that are so specific to the natural material.
In actual fact, the connotations and expressiveness of the natural stone results from the shaping and evolution of the stone over millions of years.
In addition to retaining its formal features, the result of the Eiffelgres workmanship shows an l’intensità cromatica delle lastre escalation in the chromatic intensity of the high-tech stoneware tiles, which helps create the atmosphere of the rooms (thanks to plays of light) and increases the potential interior design layout and composition.
The six shades ?Starwhite, Sand, Pearlgrey, Darkgrey, Chocolate and Brown ? make it possible to set up the living room for any interior design mood, from classical to contemporary.

Given the natural charm of the original material, Pietralavica is particularly suitable for all interior designs that create warm environments, setting the scene for an invitation, a welcome reception, an extended stay over time.
The Pietralavica collection comes in large slabs measuring 90x60 cm, 90x30 cm and 90x15 cm (as well as the standard 60x60 cm and 60x30 cm tiles), set off and completed with borders, mosaic patterns and special trims.
The slabs are dry pressed, not enamelled and have low water absorption (- 0.5%): their basic versatility makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Eiffelgres performs constant research and testing to analyse all the possible high-tech interpretations of porcelain stoneware, in order to recreate the same material beauty, at the same time singling it out with original and unique features.


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