The ideal bathroom with porcelain surfaces

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Iris Ceramica’s porcelain surfaces for bathrooms create a modern, intimate, personal atmosphere perfect for everyday relaxation and comfort

The ideal bathroom with porcelain surfaces

The bathroom and all its components have been redesigned repeatedly in the past few decades.

Floors and walls, objects and decorations, variations in light and colour; when designing a modern bathroom, every single aspect of perception is studied in depth to create the best possible space for psychophysical well-being.

The result of this vision is a highly personal atmosphere – perhaps more personal than any other room in the home – summing up aesthetic and cultural aspects, interior design styles available on the market, and the inevitable structural limitations (both spatial and hydraulic) characterising the specific project.

To approach our image of the ideal bathroom, in its porcelain surfaces for the bathroom Iris Ceramica offers a range of solutions covering all possible variations in terms of sizes, colours, hues and combinations.

This vast range of porcelain tiles not only permits the best, most personal response to our tastes and needs, but allows designers to give free reign to their creativity.

For example, let us consider the colour solutions offered by the Rays collection, "bursts of light that radiate the room and fill it with ever-changing sensations"

The glossy enamel on these variegated porcelain tiles (square or rectangular) allows wall coverings to reflect off one another, creating light, subtle geometric effects, underlined by a glossy finish that adds prestige to the overall background colour.

The Balance collection, on the other hand, stands out for its many possible combinations of different hues: light effects and bright colours are its most obvious aspects. 

These porcelain tiles designed for all kinds of residential, public and commercial spaces also permit a high degree of customisation, as they can easily be used to create original wall and floor coverings combining horizontal and vertical laying schemes. Their essential vitality may be underlined not only by the variety of colours used but by the three-dimensional motion added by the Litt decoration.


These solutions by Iris Ceramica make bathroom surfaces key elements in design, essential for interacting with the other spaces in the home while creating a personal oasis for everyday relaxation in a cosy, familiar environment.

Marco Privato


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