The energy of stone in Quartz_Stone porcelain flooring


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Quartz_Stone, the new Porcelaingres collection of porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor use, represents and defines the essence of stone in colour variants ranging from black to light grey

The energy of stone in Quartz_Stone porcelain flooring

Stone is a key material in architectural tradition, an archetype of strength and resistance over the centuries. Choosing natural stone as the reference in an architectural project means attributing to it meanings going beyond the specific features of the building and the aesthetic and cultural styles of a given time in history. For these reasons, the indoor and outdoor surfaces inspired by the strength of stone and the masses of compact rock formed of natural mineral substances "accompany man on his way" and testify to "the tenacity of Nature".

Nature that bursts forcefully onto the architectural scene and defines the identity of spaces, making it possible for exterior surfaces to ensure visual continuity with the landscape around them or to add an important natural element to the urban context. This is the reference for the design of Porcelaingres’s new Quartz_Stone collection, a line of porcelain tiles featured at Cersaie 2015. Quartz_Stone porcelain tiles feature the distinguishing signs and precision of the latest new Porcelaingres technology, capable of creating and defining intense, exclusive spaces. For example, the dynamism of black, already laden with its own innate elegance, may be seen in the tiles in the Quartz_Stone collection as underlining sensations of energy and strength in indoor and outdoor spaces.

In the other colours in the series, featuring the light effects created by different hues of grey (beige, grey and light grey) spaces are characterised by a "vital authenticity". Perfect for responding to the multiple demands of contemporary architecture, porcelain tiles are particularly ideal for spaces where their simplicity underlines sober, clean design. The final result is a room in which the indoor and outdoor floors appear brightly lit and spacious thanks to the warm hues of natural stone.

Marco Privato

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