Stonepeak Plane for classic and contemporary spaces

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Stonepeak’s Plane tiles are perfect for covering floors, walls and kitchen and bathroom countertops in both classic and informal modern styles. All the strength of porcelain, with the look of marble and stone.

Stonepeak Plane for classic and contemporary spaces
Choosing tiles for interiors in modern, classic and contemporary style
The kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom may be characterised by different decorating styles and needs, but they all require a response to questions such as size and finish, as well, of course, as choice of colour.
Even in the presence of minor renovation projects reusing furnishings already in our possession, we can obtain outstanding aesthetic results and performance thanks to the multitude of possibilities offered by porcelain surfaces.
Porcelain has the effect of stimulating creativity, giving surfaces more expressiveness and boldness than conventional materials and permitting a wider and wider range of possibilities.
Porcelain tiles can in fact reproduce the veins of wood, the shine of marble, or the lived-in look of natural stone. 
These are only a few of the most popular trends for porcelain floor and wall coverings, which can easily go with interiors in all styles, from the classic to the contemporary and to industrial vintage, a style particularly in vogue for city apartments and renovated buildings.
The versatility of porcelain is clearly evident in the Stonepeak collections, particularly Plane, a line of large porcelain tiles available in sizes starting at 150x300 cm (60"x120") as well as numerous sub-multiples, only 6 to 10 mm thick.
Applied to create numerous looks in homes, halls, offices and wellness facilities, Plane high-tech ceramics preserve all the charm of the original material.
The 22 different colours recall the look of stone, marble and metal, combining porcelain’s resistance to stress, scratching, damp and chemical and atmospheric agents.
These unique properties qualify them as the perfect tiles for both indoor and outdoor use.
In Plane collections inspired by marble (such as, for example, Paonazzetto, Extra Vena, Fantasy Cloud, Fantasy Gold) maxi-slabs add gloss to interiors in classic style, creating a cosy, reassuring atmosphere.
Plane may also be used to make countertops for the kitchen and bathroom, two of the rooms best underlining Plane’s qualities. 
Kitchen and bathroom countertops must be easily washable at any time, resistant to chemicals and unalterable over time.

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