Solutions for the kitchen and living room in rustic and modern styles


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Stonepeak porcelain floor and wall coverings offer every possible solution for decorating the kitchen, bathroom and other interior spaces. Porcelain tiles featuring colour combinations, hues and contrasts underline the brightness and atmosphere of any space.

Solutions for the kitchen and living room in rustic and modern styles

Stonepeak offers a vast selection of porcelain tiles,  and its floor and wall collections for the home feature astounding colour combinations and contrasts to underline any kind of space.
Porcelain's many qualities include strength and easy maintenance; but its most striking property in aesthetic terms is its ability to match the hues of natural stone, marble, wood and coloured cement floors. 
With its advanced production processes, Stonepeak has practically equalled the effects of natural materials: the ability of porcelain tiles to reflect light off their surfaces can create a great variety of different atmospheres, refined, elegant, modern and intimate. 
The result is a series of collections which can be used for indoor or outdoor flooring in any kind of space, but are particularly suitable for the home: Palazzo, Raja and City 2.0 are just a few of Stonepeak’s solutions for the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom in which lights and colours improve our perception of space to create sensations of wellness and thus improve our quality of life and social relationships.


To make the right choice, we ought to ask ourselves what we want from our rooms: what sensations we want them to convey. Light or dark colours can convey sensations of warmth or cold; shadow and light can be used to expand the size of a space or to make it feel smaller and cosier; spaces which are not particularly intense or are neutral can be revitalised by combining attractive colours or adding decorative tiles. The Palazzo collection includes 3 colours (Antique Cotto, Castle Graphite, Vintage Grey) particularly recommended for floors and walls in traditional and rustic spaces, though they may also be associated with contemporary interior design to create an evocative contrast between vintage and modern. 
Raja is available in the splendid varieties Himachal White, Vijay Sand and Kund Multicolor, which go perfectly with atmospheres inspired by the exotic, thanks to use of slate to make every porcelain tile unique: Raja is the perfect solution outdoors too, on the patio and in the garden. 

Lastly,City 2.0 is a collection of porcelain tiles that look like cement, available in 3 colours and perfect for contemporary urban spaces, particularly the living room and study: Asphalt, Cement and Olive Cast are colours that convey a sense of security and power, underlined by light effects. City 2.0 also offers a choice of 3 evocative artistic frescoes.
With such a varied choice of colours, every Stonepeak collection can give a space a strong visual energy, helping customise the spaces where we spend our daily lives with a unique look.

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