Sensible by Eiffelgres: nature and technology in the form of colour


Porcelain Tile,


Refined and delicate Sensible porcelain tiles by Eiffelgres are available with 3 different surfaces and 6 colours for use separately or in combination in indoor and outdoor flooring.'
Floor and wall coverings use the expressive power of colour to open up a whole range of new solutions for enhancing spaces on the basis of perceptions, triggering emotions on first sight.'

Sensible by Eiffelgres: nature and technology in the form of colour

The strong point of many of today's architectural projects lies in the colours of surfaces. Expressive power, range of interior emotions, cultural and symbolic references: these are only a few of the aspects triggered by colours (alone or in combination) right from the first glance. Today's designs are often based on the value and weight of perceptions; it is the images that we remember, the inheritance of our memories. Aware of the importance of these emotional aspects, designers view the choice of colour in designing indoor and outdoor floor surfaces above all as a matter of inner psycho-physical wellness. Places for personal care and wellness are often decorated in delicate colours, associated with the forms of nature, of water, even of air, as well as other intangible elements more closely linked with states of mind than with material factors.

This decision to emphasise expressiveness is one of the most evident features of the Sensible collection'of porcelain tiles by Eiffelgres'(design by Mauro Bellei). Sensible porcelain tiles have a bold visual impact, combining naturalness with technology and underlining all the recognised features of porcelain (inalterability, easy cleaning, stability over time) with a high degree of innovation that starts with the production process and opens up a whole world of sensations and personal interpretations in various colours and textures. This range of aesthetic and semantic solutions is expressed in Sensible through 3'surfaces, Sign, Rise and Bocciardato (Bush-hammered).

The Sign surface may be read in two possible ways: modifying the observer's point of view, with a particular orientation of the porcelain tiles, it is possible to underline their texture or to eliminate it so that they look like solid colours. Rise surfaces, on the other hand, underline the relief that is only minimal in Sign: "filiform efflorescence rising up to develop the original texture and form another, new one". Sensible is available in 6 colours (White, Cream, Red, Green, Grey and Black) which are identical for the three versions, Sign, Rise and Bocciardato (Bush-hammered), so that they may be used together. To increase their expressiveness and perceptive variety, they do not represent pure colours but combinations of different hues, underlining contrasting aspects such as fragility and power, moderation and excess, technology and nature.

Marco Privato

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