SapienStone: top quality porcelain becomes a kitchen countertop

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The kitchen worktop is a different kind of surface from any other in the home: constantly in contact with food and containers at high temperatures, it must be kept clean and usable at all times.  Performance and qualities such as strength, customisation and easy cleaning come together in SapienStone, the Iris Ceramic Group brand of porcelain kitchen countertops

SapienStone: top quality porcelain becomes a kitchen countertop
Porcelain is the best material for kitchen countertops to meet all daily food preparation requirements.
Non-absorbent, scratchproof porcelain permits better quality than any other material used in the kitchen, while requiring very little maintenance.
For these reasons it is important to choose the material used in the kitchen countertop carefully.
Only too often we have little time available to make lunch or dinner, and so a hygienic, easily cleaned surface becomes a detail that can make a lot of difference in everyday life.
SapienStone is a new brand in the Iris Ceramic Group which produces innovative, practical porcelain surfaces specifically for kitchen countertops.
SapienStone brings together all the best properties of today’s kitchen countertops and porcelain surfaces. As a non-absorbent material, porcelain can come into direct contact with foods, with no need to use a cutting board or other supporting surface to prevent contact with food, knives or utensils at high temperatures (pots and pans, coffeepots, etc.).
It is much more resistant to scratching and abrasion than other materials, such as "wood, laminates and quartz surfaces, which are more easily scratched", as well as to the chemical products and acids normally used in the kitchen (vinegar, lemon, etc.). 
SapienStone is also appropriate for outdoor use: sunlight, frost and temperature excursions have no effect on its performance or appearance.
The porcelain in SapienStone kitchen countertops is the product of decades of experience on the part of its parent company, the Iris Ceramic Group, a world leader in the production of aesthetic high-tech ceramics.
Present in more than 100 countries, the Iris Ceramic Group designs and makes top quality porcelain floor and wall coverings for all requirements: from the contract industry to residential constructions, and from wellness to hospitality. 
The SapienStone brand is the product of constant observation and the desire to understand and solve problems with contemporary surfaces. Also intended for professional facilities such as bars and restaurants, SapienStone makes the most of all the benefits of maxi-slabs, for the kitchen countertops are cut from maxi-slabs measuring 320x150 cm and 12 or 20 mm thick.
SapienStone also offers the additional benefits of adaptability and the possibility of customising countertops, peninsulas and islands of all kinds, with measurements taken by a professional.
The Around the Top tour presents SapienStone in Europe’s principal cities, in the form of a SapienStone truck fitted with two kitchens and an integrated induction cooker. 
The travelling exhibition space becomes a showcase revealing not only the product’s performance but the best of Europe’s culinary traditions, design and lifestyles revolving around the world of the contemporary kitchen.
The main island kitchen in the showroom features a special integrated induction cooker in the Malm Black texture featuring TPB Tech® technology.
Between May 25 and June 7 SapienStone participated in a special roadshow in Spain in partnership with distributor Cupa Stone
From Barcelona to Lugo, Oviedo, Salamanca and Madrid, SapienStone was hosted at five different Cupa Stone showrooms, where open days were held which not only offered visitors an opportunity to see the kitchen countertops for themselves but featured special cooking shows illustrating the performance of SapienStone porcelain.

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