SapienStone Pietra Grey for a kitchen with a refined contemporary look

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Resistant to heat, scratching and chemicals, the SapienStone kitchen countertop is the best choice for covering surfaces in the most commonly used room in the home. The details of dark Pietra Grey and the veining of marble contribute to the atmosphere and brightness of the whole kitchen with glossy porcelain

SapienStone Pietra Grey for a kitchen with a refined contemporary look
It’s important to give free rein to your creativity in the kitchen in order to create a place and an atmosphere in which you feel completely at home. 
The kitchen is in fact the space in the home where you spend the most time with family and friends, where the experience of preparing lunch or dinner offers a rare opportunity to get together and take a break from a busy day.
In recent years the market has also begun to offer kitchens for workplaces and offices. Kitchens that disappear from view, for continually transforming multipurpose spaces in which a desk or meeting table can easily become a dining table set with plates and cutlery.
These proposals not only reveal the creativity of contemporary design in observing and responding to changes in society, but acknowledge the central importance of convivial spaces, often neglected due to the frantic pace of today’s working days, when lunch break is all too often reduced to a quick bite on the go.
But people still forge and strengthen the majority of their interpersonal relationships around the table. Creating a comfortable, practical space is therefore not just an exercise in style, but a way of improving the quality of our lives and relationships.
These factors inspired the Iris Ceramica Group, a pioneer and world leader in the production of top-quality Italian-made high-tech ceramics, to establish the SapienStone brand, dedicated entirely to kitchen countertops.
The Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of experience working with ceramics uniquely qualify SapienStone to respond to the challenges of constantly changing and evolving kitchen design.
This is made possible by the high quality of the porcelain produced by the Iris Ceramica Group: a product made from ceramic clays which remain unaltered over the years, available in a range of colours and finishes suitable for all decorating styles and permitting customisation of the worktop with the support of a professional team.
The SapienStone kitchen countertop is preferable to any other product on the market for the technical qualities of high-tech ceramics. The porcelain it is made from can withstand ultra-high temperatures (unlike wood, laminates and quartz-based products) without suffering from the effects of flame, hot pots and pans, coffee pots or other sources of thermal shock which are particularly common in the kitchen. 
The surface of kitchen countertops is also frequently exposed to scratching and marking caused by intensive use of sharp utensils and ordinary household objects with rough edges.
But its technical structure characterised by a water absorption coefficient close to zero, compactness and non-porosity makes porcelain the most durable material on the market by far. 
The result is a product that is practically impenetrable, with unrivalled long-term performance, making it the ideal choice for the kitchen, "avoiding this kind of damage and always having a perfect top that will not change over time".
The material also offers total resistance to light and chemicals, guaranteeing simple, constant hygiene with reduced use of chemicals that have an impact on the environment, while preserving the surface’s original beauty as the years go by.
This beauty is expressed in a vast range of effects reproducing the best marbles, stones and cements in ceramic, as well as the latest new additions reproducing the look of oak wood (Rovere Baio and Rovere Buckskin).
The gallery shows a number of kitchens with countertops made from one of the company’s most expressive and attractive marble-effect surfaces: Pietra Grey.
Available with a natural or polished finish, Pietra Grey is one of the darkest hues in the SapienStone collection, with "a radiant richness accented by subtle white veining to imbue any room with a chic and cosmopolitan look". 
All contemporary styles go very naturally with a surface like Pietra Grey, with its gloss and wealth of detail adding identity, character and a special touch of prestige to the kitchen, in the ancient tradition of marble surfaces.

Marco Privato

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