SapienStone: dark neutral colours for kitchen countertops in 2020

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SapienStone porcelain combines total resistance with a refined look suitable for a great variety of decorating styles in the kitchens of 2020, with full-body colours underlining the interior design of residential and commercial spaces alike. The brand’s recent partnership agreements in Germany underline the growing preference for dark neutral colours, used to create a total look or contrast with pale surfaces

SapienStone: dark neutral colours for kitchen countertops in 2020
The trends in the kitchen for 2020 centre around a dynamic space which plays an increasingly central role in the life of the household, possibly integrated with the living room and with work areas camouflaged by attractive design solutions.
New technologies will once again have an impact on the composition of the kitchen in 2020, but, as always, it is the materials that make the difference, as colours, shapes and styles are determined by the possibilities offered by the variety of products available.
The kitchen is the most-used space in the home, and its surfaces are used for a variety of purposes, and so the kitchen of 2020 increasingly needs to be resistant, unalterable and easy to clean . Only materials capable of guaranteeing this level of performance can allow us to concentrate on our preferred style and choice of the trendiest colour combinations.
These include dark surfaces and countertops, a trend combining elegance with exclusiveness to create a contemporary total look and refined style, while also permitting colour contrasts with paler cabinets and furnishings.
Combining advanced technical and aesthetic qualities in a single product is the goal of the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in research and innovation in ceramics.
Drawing on decades of experience producing quality porcelain, the Iris Ceramica Group established the SapienStone brand exclusively to produce kitchen countertops.
Through SapienStone, the Iris Ceramica Group offers a great variety of innovative customised solutions for kitchen interiors, with a great variety of colours and effects permitting absolute resistance to scratching, abrasion, heat and contact with chemicals, acids and corrosive products.
SapienStone porcelain is so resistant it can even be used outdoors without any problems, for it does not suffer from temperature excursions: its colours are unalterable even when permanently exposed to sunlight or frost.
With these technical and aesthetic properties, SapienStone countertops and tabletops have made a concrete contribution to the world of contemporary kitchen design in recent years, particularly with tailor-made solutions.
And in fact the brand’s slogan, "Dress your Kitchen", "sums up the SapienStone philosophy combining an important element of style with a revolutionary product which is by nature born sapiens, that is, intelligent, evolved and high-tech".
The SapienStone catalogue includes a complete range of textures and finishes (natural, glossy, semi-gloss) for an exclusive item of furniture which can be matched with a great variety of trendy styles, ranging from the most traditional and rustic to the many looks inspired by vintage style and the most modern metropolitan kitchens, as well as the minimalist and Nordic styles that never go out of fashion.
SapienStone surfaces have been selected for use in numerous international projects in both residential and commercial spaces.
Dark surfaces in particular have been attracting a lot of attention lately among fans of exclusive design: SapienStone’s Dark Marquina surface was recently chosen by German magazine Arch+, specialising in architecture and design, for its editorial offices in Berlin
The “De Gregorio Interni” showroom in Stuttgart features a modern island kitchen with a SapienStone Urban Antracite countertop.
Following the trend toward preference of dark neutral colours, German kitchen maker Ballerina Küchen chose Pietra Grey for the countertop of one of the kitchens shown in its new catalogue, (photos 1, 4-8 in the © Ballerina Küchen gallery).
With the added touch of fine, elegant white veining over a grey background, Pietra Grey adds "personality to a beautiful island with contrasting pale cabinets. The result is a kitchen with a refined metropolitan look".
The reasons for the choice, according to Ballerina Küchen Marketing Manager Jörg Hansel, include the material’s "full-body colouring".
In the "Belle Époque" kitchen in rustic style, the uninterrupted veins on the kitchen countertop create a refined optical effect with important decorative value, augmented by the contrast between lacquered Light Pepper cabinet doors and pewter oak cabinet doors.
Photo credits: 1-4-5-6-7-8 © Ballerina Küchen

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