SapienStone: the best porcelain worktop and kitchen countertop


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Iris Ceramica’s decades of experience have produced the first brand entirely dedicated to kitchen countertops, intended specifically to respond to all the requirements of homes and businesses such as restaurants and bars. A non-absorbent, hygienic, scratch-proof and heat-proof surface perfect for preparing ingredients, placing food directly on its surface

SapienStone: the best porcelain worktop and kitchen countertop
The best kitchen countertop on the market combines aesthetic quality with all the practical benefits of the best kitchen surfaces: concreteness, hygiene, strength. These are the most important aspects differentiating the kitchen countertop from all other surfaces in the home, an element which has to last a long time and is used at all times of day, every day.
This means it is worth taking the time to seek out the best kitchen countertop, not only for its appearance but above all to improve food preparation and shorten the amount of time necessary for subsequent cleaning and disinfection.

One of the best of the many materials available on the market for kitchen countertops is definitely porcelain, thanks to its aesthetic features and high-tech performance, including its practicality and functionality.
With decades of experience designing surface coverings, Iris Ceramica created the SapienStone brand to produce top quality kitchen countertops and furnishings, subject to stricter quality control than other porcelain products.
SapienStone slabs may be used for a great variety of different applications in the kitchen alone. In addition to the countertop, they may be used to make furniture, tables, cabinets and shelves, or for barbecuing outdoors. SapienStone also offers customisable solutions for the best kitchen countertops, surfaces that go with all kinds of decorating styles and can be adapted to suit all kinds of needs.
What are the benefits of SapienStone? 
SapienStone countertops are perfectly hygienic, as they are non-absorbent, so that you can prepare food directly on the countertop without using a cutting-board or other surface. They are ISO certified as extremely resistant to temperature excursions, mechanical stress, scratching and atmospheric stress. Practically, this means you can cut and prepare ingredients directly on the kitchen countertop without scratching it, or place boiling hot pots and pans directly on the counter without altering its surface. 
In aesthetic terms, the SapienStone colour palette allows the product to be combined with all kinds of furnishings. A colour range featuring a great variety of hues, including Basalt (Black, Cream) and the Urban (Antracite, Argento) and Malm (Grey, Black) lines as well as various marble effects, such as Calacatta and Arabescato. 
Many of these colours are available with natural, polished and pre-polished finishes, in different sizes making them suitable for all kinds of countertops, peninsula and island kitchens. 
In a kitchen in contemporary style, it is the design of the details that makes the difference. As in the "through vein" running through the entire thickness of the slab, so that it is uniform in three dimensions, with veins reproduced throughout the entire thickness of the porcelain slab.
#Around The Top
#Around The Top is the SapienStone tour that has travelled 10,000 km in 7 months, touching on 9 European cities, featuring a truck with a kitchen installed inside it. 
Recent events include a stop in Valencia (Spain) in February 2018 to participate in Cevisama, the International Exhibition of Ceramics and Natural Stone, where the showroom presented the "new graphics and new porcelain textures for the 2 kitchens inside it: Earth Brown and Pietra Grey on one side, and Malm Grey on the other, accompanying an innovative integrated induction cooker".
As always, there were demonstrations of how the kitchen countertop can be used and cooking shows, featuring an exclusive recipe for a seafood risotto,  Arroz de Mariscos.

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