Royal Stone: increasingly resistant, elegant technical ceramic surfaces


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Porcelaingres expands its Royal Stone collection of porcelain slabs with new sizes and thicknesses, aiming to optimise the material’s strength and versatility for optimal use both indoors and outdoors. A neutral colour palette of refined contemporary design is the aesthetic plus of a collection combining the heft of stone with the elegance of marble

Royal Stone: increasingly resistant, elegant technical ceramic surfaces
Design in 2020 features new technical ceramic surfaces with a bold visual impact inspired by materials such as rare minerals and precious stones.
Their development involves a process of experimentation and observation of the natural world, which, now more than ever, provides the principal source of inspiration for creative artists and designers.
Any kind of surface can now be reproduced in through-coloured porcelain slabs. Materials such as marble, wood, resin and cement feature unique streaks, colours and details that give every room its own unique decorative style, a particular wealth of colour and easy choice of matching furniture.
In this ever-changing scenario, certain timeless material continue to come back again and again, with different nuances and textures suitable for all kinds of settings and styles.
These include natural stones and marbles, definitely the most classic sources of inspiration for the ceramic industry, suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, in renovation and restyling projects in domestic spaces both large and small.
Porcelaingres is an Iris Ceramica Group company based in Vetschau, in Brandenburg, Germany, home to one of Europe’s most advanced ceramic plants.
Porcelaingres’s mission is to produce quality materials that improve their users’ quality of life.
The technical process begins with selection of raw materials, focusing on aspects such as sustainability, creativity, and the relationship with customers, partners and suppliers.
The company’s added value includes a showroom in Berlin, located in the Sarotti-Höfe complex in the heart of Kreuzberg. The showroom spaces are intended to host workshops and presentations in which architects, designers and artists constantly contribute ideas, dialogue and discussion in an uninterrupted creative process.
These technical and relational aspects are matched by the benefits of the performance of the material itself: porcelain stands out for its unrivalled technical properties, including extreme resistance to shocks and scratches and to atmospheric agents and UV rays, as well as hygiene and easy maintenance.
In its vast catalogue of collections, the brand specifically explores the potential of natural stones, available in a great variety of hues intended for classic, modern and contemporary decorating styles.
Stone and marble inspire the Royal Stone collection combining "the heft of stone and the elegance of marble", ideal for covering floors and walls with a contemporary metropolitan look which is highly evocative despite its simplicity.
The Royal Stone collection includes five chiaroscuro hues: Black Diamond, Imperial Brown, Palladium Grey, Noble Beige, and Platinum White
This palette of neutral and bold yet delicate colours adds motion and character to spaces thanks to the great variability of the material’s faces.
Porcelaingres is now expanding the Royal Stone range with new sizes and thicknesses to add to the line’s compositional and applicative potential for both indoor and outdoor use.
Introduction of various traditional sizes in the 8 mm thick range expands and completes the Royal Stone family, shifting the focus toward settings requiring a combination of greater resistance with the elegance of ceramic covering materials.
Porcelaingres has also introduced the 2 cm thickness for outdoor use in Platinum White, Palladium Grey and Black Diamond, available in various sizes with "non-slip technology for even the thinnest slabs, offering high adhesion and making them usable in settings requiring particular safety, both indoors and outdoors".
Porcelaingres has, moreover, expanded its range with Great Royal Stone, maintaining the same texture and 6 mm thickness while underlining and multiplying the material’s design potential with maxi-slabs (300x150 cm, 150x150 cm, 150x75 cm, 75x75 cm and 75x37.5 cm).
In addition to visual and textural continuity, the new maxi-slabs expand Great Royal Stone’s range of applications, making it an original custom furnishing accessory.

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