Resistance and beauty: SapienStone porcelain for the kitchen in 2020

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Resistant, unalterable, hygienic: its technical and aesthetic qualities make SapienStone porcelain the key product for kitchens in 2020. Inspired by the well-known grey Italian marble, the new Fior di Bosco surface is particularly striking for the aesthetic versatility, simplicity and elegance of its neutral hues

Resistance and beauty: SapienStone porcelain for the kitchen in 2020
The properties of porcelain permit creation of unalterable surfaces which are highly resistant to scratching, abrasion and wear caused by time. These technical benefits make porcelain the perfect material for coverings for extended and intense use, such as all kitchen surfaces.
The kitchen is, in fact, one of the most intensely used rooms in the home, a space for socialising and cementing relationships, not just a place for cooking meals. 
Countertops, shelves, tables and all other kitchen surfaces are constantly in use, making it very important to choose the best possible material for your household’s needs and lifestyle. 
Its technical and aesthetic qualities make porcelain the top material for kitchen surfaces in 2020.
The Iris Ceramica Group set up the SapienStone brand specifically to respond to all the practical requirements and aesthetic tastes of today’s kitchens.
The Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of experience have given rise to SapienStone’s full-body product made of ceramic clays in colourfast hues. 
SapienStone kitchen countertops offer top-level technical performance: their resistance to scratches, blows, chemical and acids exceeds that of any other product on the market. 
Porcelain does not overheat in contact with boiling hot dishes, and will not suffer from exposure to sunlight, temperature excursions or frost: all reasons why it is equally well qualified for use outdoors. The material’s many qualities also include easy cleaning: it requires no special maintenance, and the kitchen countertop can be washed and sanitised with ordinary soaps and cleaning products.
SapienStone is available in textures reproducing all the principal covering materials: from different types of marble and cement to lava and rusted metal, all in a vast colour palette suitable for all decorating styles, from the most traditional to the metropolitan and minimalist styles. 
The most recent addition to the colour palette is the new Fior di Bosco surface presented at the Ariostea stand at Cersaie 2019, in the form of a 12 mm thick kitchen countertop.
Soft, elegant Fior di Bosco reproduces the harmony of famous Italian marble with a “cloudy” grey background brightened up by fine white veins. Available in the Silky and Polished finishes, Fior di Bosco offers the optimal solution for any kitchen with its neutral background colour.
“The two finishes in the collection are designed to create kitchens in different moods: Silky, with a velvety surface to accentuate sober textures, and glossy, reflective Polished to add new depth to colour”.
Another new product from brand, also unveiled at Cersaie, is the Premium White surface with a matt finish, exhibited at the Fiandre Architectural Surfaces stand along with two classic textures completing the furnishings in the exhibition space: Pietra Grey and Calacatta Light. One of the most recent new additions to the range, Premium White, with its classic white background and fine pale grey veins, "reproduces stratified marble, with subtle stripes created by time adding motion to its surface", emphasising the brightness of the room in which it is laid.
Demonstrating its uncommon versatility and widespread presence in major international ceramics and bathroom furnishings exhibitions, the brand’s other materials were also exhibited at the SapienStone stand at Cersaie 2019.
The new Rovere Buckskin kitchen countertop was featured on the surface of a table at the Iris Ceramica-FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti stand, while the Porcelaingres stand featured a SapienStone induction cooker, on show and at work in live demonstrations.
The induction cooker is one of the most innovative, fascinating solutions available for contemporary kitchen design, making it possible to cook, dine and work on the same surface.

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