Practical, versatile and resistant: the new 2020 kitchen with SapienStone countertop

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With our daily requirements and the limited amount of time we have, our kitchen is becoming more and more functional to our needs. Practical and quick to use and clean, it is also versatile and can be turned into a cozy and relaxing environment. The SapienStone countertop is the ideal product for the 2020 kitchen, as it harnesses the properties of porcelain stoneware such as resistance and non-absorbency: these qualities allow food and hot containers to be placed directly on the surface, without affecting its look with veins running through it

Practical, versatile and resistant: the new 2020 kitchen with SapienStone countertop
The new 2020 kitchens meet the needs and numerous commitments of modern life, satisfying the demands of families and single people, but also of others, such as professionals, who are always on the go and are used to having quick breakfasts and lunches.
With little time to prepare meals, modern kitchens should first and foremost be easy to use, functional and easy to clean.
The 2020 kitchen must also be versatile, becoming, in just a few steps, a pleasant and welcoming gathering space, where you can have dinner with friends, throw parties, offer cocktails or enjoy making elaborate dishes.
There are just some of its many uses, yet the surfaces of the kitchen must also retain their original beauty, colors, finishes and luminosity over time, since all these elements are considered an integral part of their nature as furniture and countertops.
In recent years, SapienStone has redefined the concept of kitchen countertops with its resistant porcelain stoneware surfaces, which remain unchanged over time.
Specifically created for furniture and all kinds of kitchen countertops, the SapienStone brand is part of the Iris Ceramica Group family, enhancing its many collections with the technology and decades of know-how of the leading Italian ceramics holding company.
SapienStone offers all the high-performance features of porcelain stoneware, the ideal material for kitchen countertops: resistance to high temperatures, scratches, chemicals and acids, as well as sunlight.
This last aspect makes it perfectly suitable for use as an outdoor surface, unlike other materials available on the market that easily wear and deteriorate.
The SapienStone countertop is also non-absorbent, which is a characteristic quality of porcelain stoneware.
The combination of these qualities makes the kitchen countertop a hygienic surface, where food can come into direct contact with the countertop. This is a significant advantage when it comes to making dishes quickly and practically, combined with extremely low maintenance and cleaning requirements.
Being able to place food or hot containers directly on the table, such as pots and pans and coffee pots, and being able to chop up food without worrying about ruining the countertop, are the real added values that make the difference. Moreover, SapienStone can be cleaned with regular soaps and detergents, with no need for specific, expensive products.
Other important factors contribute to the undeniable qualities of this material. First of all, the extensive choice of full-bodied colors with veins running though. In this way, the veins that pass through and enhance different surfaces are also visible on the thickness and corners, ensuring a realistic visual continuity effect.
Another key factor is the choice of the SapienStone TPB tech® Porzelanik Barcelona® built-in induction cooktop, a market leader in latest generation induction cooktops with touch control. 
In this case, we are faced with a truly innovative change of perspective, groundbreaking in many ways, as it creates a coexistence of two elements that have always been separate, namely the cooktop and the countertop, which form single, seamless surface.
The SapienStone countertop and the TPB tech® cooktop are fully coplanar, which allows kitchen surfaces to be used more efficiently while preserving as always the peculiarities of porcelain stoneware.
The brand’s many solutions, featuring trendy and attractive materials such as marble, stone and cement, include the Rovere collection shown in the gallery, which is available in the catalogue in the Rovere Baio and Rovere Buckskin versions, with darker and lighter range colors respectively, enhanced by a natural finish.
As always, the wood effect gives the entire kitchen a sense of warmth, intimacy and coziness.
The surface, which is slightly textured and has a specially developed glaze, has a smooth feel to the touch that makes it ideal as a countertop surface in any type of kitchen, designed and furnished in both classic and contemporary style.

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