Porcelaingres: wood-effect solutions for surfaces in the home in 2020

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Personalising your home, starting from the surfaces, is one of the main interior design trends for 2020 - one which redesigns tradition in a contemporary light, including with regard to the aesthetics of wood. The wood-effect collections of high-tech ceramic from Porcelaingres, which are both resistant and versatile, cover a wide range of solutions that are a perfect match for all tastes and on-trend styles

Porcelaingres: wood-effect solutions for surfaces in the home in 2020
How do you choose the best covering material for 2020?
The market offers many high-quality solutions and interesting aesthetic proposals to create your own style or combine it with an existing one. From classic to contemporary, vintage to metropolitan, or even minimalistic, today’s mainstream trends increasingly overlap with each other and cross over, paving the way for new stylistic directions in the name of maximum customisability for the home and beyond.
As evidenced by the major industry fairs, many interior design solutions for 2020 play with bold colours or dark tones, make use of material textures and large-size furnishings, suspended elements (especially light fittings), organic forms and wavy surfaces with a highly dramatic feel.
For those who prefer a more traditional style, the design trends for 2020 still feature the beauty of the wood effect, thanks to a series of proposals which make rooms stand out, lending them a strong sense of identity, elegance and practicality.
High-tech ceramic is the material capable of bringing together, in a single product, the aesthetics of the main types of wood with the unrivalled resistance of full-body porcelain. As such, these high-tech ceramic slabs tick all the boxes for two of the most popular interior design trends for 2020: sustainability of materials combined with an essential design - without, however, compromising on warmth and expressivity.
Porcelain has, in recent decades, established itself as a key material in the covering sector, thanks not only to its reliability and strength, but also its elegant aesthetic, capable of reproducing all the traditionally-used surfaces such as marble, resin, concrete, natural stone and - as seen here - wood, in addition to new suggestions from fabric, metal and oxidised glass. A palette of proposals that is unmatched by other covering materials, providing a source of inspiration for designers and lovers of furniture and interior décor alike.
Porcelaingres, a German-based company owned by the holding company Iris Ceramica Group, has dedicated some highly elegant and attractive collections to the aesthetic of wood.
With the best Italian-made high-tech ceramic from Iris Ceramica Group, Porcelaingres produces collections of the highest-quality porcelain, characterised in particular by the extreme versatility of its surfaces. A versatility that is “visible in many brand-new application solutions which become an integral part of furnishings designed for office areas, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms and also for external spaces such as ventilated façades or flooring for large surfaces”.
Sustainability is a key factor in Porcelaingres’ production, one which is achieved in part thanks to a highly-innovative piece of equipment (one of the first of its kind and size in Europe) which “allows for broken and waste parts to be recycled, for the water used for manufacturing to be purified and reused, and for the energy necessary for production to be produced independently”.
Porcelaingres reproduces the aesthetic of wood in its three collections, namely Pure WoodIn Wood and Grove Wood.
The inspiration for Pure Wood comes from passion and observing nature. Between the extremes of black and white, the intermediate tones make up a colour palette of six eco-friendly porcelain surfaces, all of which featuring the veining, knots and subtle shades typical of wood.
The 120x20 strip plank and special 120x20 modul oblique sizes, at just 6mm thick, allow for different laying patterns, facilitating a range of unique styles and stimulating creativity.
Varied and original, the four variants of the In_Wood range have different tones of brown which convey “the suggestiveness and beauty that can be read between the lines of a tree’s bark.”
Easy to pair with other materials, In_Wood is able to harmonise with the most diverse of interiors thanks to its natural and neutral character.
The same naturalness can be seen in the four variants of Grove Wood, a collection which is accompanied by both floor and wall decorations. With a delicate and seductive colour range, Grove Wood is an extremely versatile product, almost “a “passe-partout” for the look of your home”, ideal for combining with a wide variety of styles of finishes and furnishings.

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