Porcelaingres outdoor surface coverings: stone, cement and wood effects

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The Porcelaingres range of ceramic surfaces for residential and public open-air spaces is growing more diversified with the aid of the latest contemporary covering effects.  Harmony and easy mixing and matching make high-tech ceramic tiles ideal for customising outdoor spaces in an original way, maintaining their design over the years thanks to the technical performance of Iris Ceramica Group porcelain

Porcelaingres outdoor surface coverings: stone, cement and wood effects
Applications of ceramics now go beyond interior decorating, thanks to on-going technical innovation which has improved the performance of numerous materials and permitted creation of a high-performing porcelain product.
The strength of porcelain surfaces makes them perfect for outdoor spaces and open-air public spaces
Porcelain can in fact be used to cover urban areas, plazas, pathways, stairs, or as a ventilated wall, guaranteeing an overall performance unmatched by any other material.
High-tech ceramic application design is further expanded with potential uses in outdoor furnishings and worktops
All these surfaces are constantly exposed to moisture and sunlight, stress from footsteps or the passage of vehicles, requiring all the technical properties of the best high-tech ceramic to ensure long-term performance, non-absorbency, resistance to atmospheric agents and sudden temperature changes, and ability to maintain its technical and aesthetic qualities over time.
On this latter point, note that porcelain is available in a vast range of aesthetic effects and colours, which have in recent years permitted faithful reproduction of all the principal covering materials, including stones, cements, resins, marbles, onyxes and woods.
In Vetschau, in Germany’s Brandenburg region, Porcelaingres makes porcelain tiles in one of Europe’s most modern plants, drawing on the expertise in Italian high-tech ceramics of the Iris Ceramica Group, of which it is a prominent member.
One of the most important features of Porcelaingres products is their extreme versatility, "which may be seen in countless newapplication solutions that are becoming an integral part of furnishings designed for office areas, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, as well as outdoor areas such as ventilated façades or flooring for large surfaces".
The outdoors represents a design reference for Porcelaingres, which proposes a number of effects of undeniable technical excellence and aesthetic effectiveness, naturally fitting in with both landscape and buildings in redevelopment projects for city neighbourhoods and shopping districts.
These are, specifically, the stone effect of Mile_Stone and Quartz_Stone, the cement of Urban and the wood effect of In_Wood
All these solutions for outdoor spaces are versatile, cross-cutting responses to the various styles of decorating spaces both large and small.
Combination with a variety of furnishings, surfaces and accessories, or use around swimming pools, permits Porcelaingres surfaces to create a highly natural, sober yet elegant look that fits perfectly into outdoor and green spaces.
Where it is possible to establish continuity with indoor spaces, as for instance in the presence of large windows or patios, outdoor flooring can significantly expand the amount of perceived space and create a true "extra room" outdoors.
Mile_Stone is one of the best-known Porcelaingres collections, available in 4 variants (Faded Beige, Chalky Grey, Carbon Black and Rusted Brown) inspired by the "theme of erosion": a highly textured collection for spaces with a bold identity, conveying a sense of power and serenity in the delicacy of light hues and the elegance of dark ones.
Formal cleanliness and sobriety are only a few of the peculiarities of Quartz_Stone surfaces: four colours (Superblack, Black, Beige and Grey) inspired by a sophisticated classical tradition, expressed in light lines and warm, natural textures.
The 12 varieties of cement in the Urban collection all share a contemporary metropolitan, post-industrial urban style, inspiring the collection’s name. Ideal in dynamic minimalist spaces, Urban makes expressiveness its strong point, echoing the character of concrete foundations and streets, a rough, unfinished material.
The attraction and evocative power of In_Wood, the Porcelaingres collection available in 6 different woods in warm, cosy colours, with burnished or neutral textures, allows the most natural of covering materials to recreate an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation with all the dependability and strength of porcelain.

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