Porcelaingres #20 Outdoor: design proposals for outdoor spaces of all kinds

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The strength of stone and cement, the warmth of wood: the high-tech ceramic solutions in Porcelaingres’s #20 Outdoor line naturally underline both the appearance and the functions of outdoor spaces. Whichever laying solution you choose, 20 mm thick porcelain offers an effective, durable solution for all kinds of outdoor applications

Porcelaingres #20 Outdoor: design proposals for outdoor spaces of all kinds
Contemporary design offers a more and more interesting series of versatile, elegant solutions for outdoor spaces.
Outdoor spaces are particularly suitable for giving free rein to creativity, in which only a few elements can make all the difference and create evocative, relaxing atmospheres.
The ceramics market offers a great variety of flooring materials which, in combination with garden furniture, permit customisation of outdoor spaces for both public and private uses.
Porcelain slabs for outdoor applications may be laid in a variety of different ways: dry over grass or gravel; in the traditional way on a concrete floor slab; or laid dry over a base with pedestal bearings.
These laying schemes are determined on the basis of the requirements, the size of the space, the type of terrain and the possible presence of pipes and wiring typically found underground outdoors.
In all cases, their porcelain structure offers a total guarantee of resistance against all possible atmospheric agents, temperature excursions at different times of year and the repeated passage of vehicles and heavy equipment.
Choosing high-tech ceramic overcomes these problems typical of outdoor spaces, so that designers can concentrate entirely on the aesthetic aspects, on the pleasure of choosing colours and combinations, freeing their creativity and inventiveness to make outdoor spaces truly attractive and unique.
The #20 Outdoor range of ceramics by Porcelaingres, an Iris Ceramica Group brand based in Germany, is one such line of highly practical materials.
A vast range of slabs reproducing a variety of effects (stone, cement and wood), special pieces and products adding a special touch to gardens, pools and patios, as well as various kinds of public spaces.
Porcelaingres high-tech ceramic stands out for its strength and dependability
At the same time it meets all the safety standards applicable to public and private spaces, for example with its non-slip finish.
#20 Outdoor is intended for architects, designers and private citizens who want to create an original outdoor solution, because it "permits creation of continuity with indoor spaces. Not only can you choose the same flooring materials inside and outside, but you can create coordinated items of furniture".
As noted, the inspiration behind the various surface effects lies in natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as cement. What makes this catalogue unusual is, as the name suggests, the 20 mm thickness of the porcelain slab.
The collections included in #20 Outdoor are In_Wood in the colours Durmast, Canaletto and Maple; Mile_Stone, available in Carbon Black and Rusted Brown; and Quartz_Stone in SuperBlack, Black, Grey and Beige.
In_Wood is one of the Porcelaingres collections calling up the evocative power of wood, in warm, neutral and burnished hues. The unit of these ceramic surfaces is the traditional 120x60 or 120x30 cm strip.
Mile_Stone and Quartz_Stone are part of the vast range of materials Porcelaingres dedicates to the strength of stone, ideal for outdoor installation, fitting naturally into the landscape and the greenery. In this case, the two sizes available are 120x60 and 60x60 cm.
Inspired by the unchanging, silent power of cement, the 6 variations of the Urban collection in the #20 Outdoor line include not only two stone sizes but a 100x100 cm maxi-slab available in three colours, Anthracite, Grey and Ivory
This new solution suits the contemporary design trend of choosing larger sizes for outdoor areas. In this way, for instance, the colours and size of patio tiles can be uniformly integrated with the design of the living room floor to create an evocative effect of visual continuity with only minimal grouting.

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