Porcelain: the ideal ceramic product for ventilated walls

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Ventilated walls made with porcelain tiles withstand changes in climate and chemical attack, protecting buildings and ensuring significant long-term savings and benefits

Porcelain: the ideal ceramic product for ventilated walls

Making ventilated walls with porcelain tiles means giving a building a protective insulating coat while conveying an innovative, original design aesthetic.
Ventilated walls can be made with porcelain tiles in countless colours and textures to define the "building's outer skin".
The possibility of handling, arranging and combining separate single elements, such as single porcelain tiles, allows architects to use ventilated façades as a colour palette to express the visual power of buildings, using combinations, alternations of colour and true graphic effects.

Granitech is a leading maker of ventilated façades for numerous projects over the years, from homes to multipurpose corporate buildings incorporating offices, showrooms and retail businesses.
Drawing on the beneficial properties of porcelain stoneware, Granitech has come to specialise in this important outer cladding system, putting its know-how in technology and construction at architects' disposal to ensure that new and renovated buildings make the most of the benefits offered by porcelain.
One of the most important reasons to choose porcelain ventilated façades is their durability compared to conventional brick façades.
The materials that cover buildings are subject to continuous wear, as they are constantly in contact with particularly invasive atmospheric agents such as temperature excursions and the violent meteorological events that have become so common recently.
High-tech porcelain is the perfect material for the difficult task of covering buildings, making them as waterproof as possible and ensuring that their appearance is not altered by water, light, the principal atmospheric and chemical agents or smog.
The cutting-edge technology used in ceramics workshops and Italy's tradition of fine ceramics have joined together to produce a material guaranteed to be lightweight and easy to work with, offering both beauty and strength: an important achievement in the outdoor wall cladding industry.

The principal benefits to be obtained from use of Granitech ventilated façades are:
- elimination of the risk of cracking of the cladding and detachment from walls;
- elimination of thermal bridges, saving energy;
- elimination of surface condensation (the presence of an air gap facilitates the evacuation of water vapour from inside the building, allowing moisture to escape);
- continued efficiency of outer insulation, kept perfectly dry by optimal ventilation;
- easy installation and maintenance, permitting work to be performed on single porcelain tiles;
- creation of a technical compartment where technical installations and cable ducts can be housed.

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