Porcelain floor and wall coverings for modern and traditional interiors

Porcelain Tile,


Stonepeak’s Plane line of indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings underline domestic spaces, particularly the kitchen and bathroom, with elegant compositions of porcelain tiles inspired by natural stones and marbles

Porcelain floor and wall coverings for modern and traditional interiors
Large tiles panel ceramics Stonepeak Large tiles panel ceramics Stonepeak

A line of porcelain tiles combining traditional and modern surfaces in a fascinating, suggestive way: Stonepeak’s Plane collection “is a new generation of porcelain tiles” enriching indoor and outdoor floors and walls with colours and textures inspired directly by natural stones and marbles. Any kind of style, from informal to traditional, can easily be reproduced with this line of tiles that look like natural stone, offering designers and architects creative variety based on attractiveness and plenty of potential for different combinations. In line with its mission, Stonepeak has always combined American production and technology with the tradition and quality of Italian ceramic materials; Plane is the perfect example of this kind of harmony in design.

The textures and nuances of porcelain tiles that mirror and enhance the fresh look of today’s homes; the power and strength of a wall and floor covering material that defines surfaces and guarantees optimal performance on the porcelain tile market. Though it may be applied to any floor or wall surface, indoors or outdoors, Plane comes into its own in the kitchen or bathroom, where countertops must be easy to wash, capable of resisting chemical substances, and durable: all typical features of porcelain tiles, ensuring that floors and walls will remain unaltered and sanitary over the years. And when it comes to aesthetics, surfaces play a key role in kitchen and bathroom interiors in an age when the minimalist style is consolidated and increasingly refined. What people want in the home today is a compositional whole that stands out for its simplicity, practicality and refinement.

With its many different modules, Plane helps create spaces in which the harmonious balance of the elements can provide conviviality with a modern, elegant look (in the kitchen) or the intimacy and comfort of relaxation (in the bathroom). The many colours available in the Plane collection of floor tiles range from Fantasy Bright to Fantasy Gold, from Extra Vena to Paonazzetto Vena, Marfil Vena and Copper Plane.

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