Overall beauty and an exquisite charm that lies in the details: Liquid Cosmo and Cosmic Marble surfaces

Iris Ceramica, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica,

Dynamic, fluctuating shapes, colors that are generated by a cosmic harmony and belong to the mass visual culture: these are just some of the aesthetic characteristics of Liquid Cosmo and Cosmic Marble, the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections that propose a design inspired by marble and full of many different shades that is elusive and already iconic

Overall beauty and an exquisite charm that lies in the details: Liquid Cosmo and Cosmic Marble surfaces
The pursuit of fine aesthetics is the main guideline for creating new design trends
From observation of nature to vintage effects, reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective, the design for 2020 proposes a variety of moods, all characterized by the will to inject emotion into all kinds of public and private spaces, making them increasingly original.
In the coverings sector, the quest for the perfect aesthetic passes, above all, through the evolution of technical ceramics, the material that, more than any other, has expanded the creativity and fantasy of the finished products.
With its superior performances, today technical ceramics is capable of creating real pieces of handiwork and installations, no longer only presenting itself as a covering but instead a trendy furnishing material, thanks to elements such as its large size, structured textures, personalized printing and the possibility of creating homogeneous, curved and even backlit surfaces. 
Since 2016, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica has proved one of the most innovative partnerships in the technical ceramic coverings sector, thanks to the union between two leading companies of Made in Italy quality in the lifestyle sector and high-end porcelain stoneware covering industry.
The two companies, which have been benchmarks in the panorama of international design for decades, have created a brand that bases its mission on their core values "aesthetic research, originality and experimentation". 
These concepts are developed by making the most of the materials, offering a rich catalog of collections with great charm and an undeniable visual impact, which fit in perfectly with a wide range of interior design styles.
With its unmistakable collections, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica explores the different visual cultures, without succumbing to the limits of time and space. 
And it does so by observing and reinterpreting materials and objects from environments with a strong expressive element, such as the worlds of metallurgy, textiles or industrial archeology.
This gives rise to unexpected coverings that recall oxidized glass, corrugated sheet metal, burnt wood, worn paints and metals, to name but a few of the main sources of inspiration.
In Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, that which is left once time has worked its incessant effect becomes a new contemporary icon, a resilient material that has survived the years. 
Through the hyper-realism and textured nuances of the countless colors and shades, new life is breathed into materials and objects created for other functions, overlapping types and moods without this leading to precise stylistic references in the furrow of the best contemporary design and the ultimate personalization of the environments.
Today Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica extends its range of proposals with the new Liquid Cosmo collection, in which "the beauty lies n the tiniest details, the wakes left by the materials that waver, creating a continuous evolutions, an incessant change".
Liquid Cosmo presents an enchanting mix of colors, in which the shades of purple, green and gray stand out. These "primordial shades" embrace the gaze as it falls on the overall effect, at the same time also enhancing the majestic charm of the many undefined, shaded, fluctuating details.
The Liquid Cosmo collection is proposed with a shiny finish, a thickness of 6 mm and offers the large sizes 300x150, 150x150, 150x75 with submultiples, in the 3 variants Grey, Purple and Green.
Liquid Grey has a contrasting veined effect with shades of gray, its shades evoking the nuances of the earth; instead Liquid Purple features "purplish gashes punctuated by the candid white shades of the marble", whereas in Liquid Green the main color is green, a reminder of "the magnificence of the cosmos".
The dynamism and the vision of the cosmos that echo throughout the collection ideally link it to Cosmic Marble, a collection full of colors and shades, in which "vivid, golden brushstrokes caress the surfaces as if they were an artist’s canvas".
The marble effect shared by the two porcelain stoneware collections which we present together in the gallery are a sophisticated example of how today technical ceramics can create amazing effects, illuminating atmospheres and environments and becoming the veritable visual centerpiece of any interior design.

Marco Privato