A new world of images: Diesel Living design with Iris Ceramica

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Concrete, glass, metals and fabrics like jute and canvas: contemporary surface design takes its inspiration from the unexplored world of materials far-removed from traditional coverings, as in the partnership between Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica. Exotic, incredible atmospheres, old factories and Mexican pueblos all contribute to creating a new world with a vintage feel, ideal for customising industrial and metropolitan style in your everyday living spaces.

A new world of images: Diesel Living design with Iris Ceramica
One of the biggest challenges of contemporary design is to create spaces able to excite and stimulate the senses from the very first glance, going beyond momentary fads and style trends.
Most designers search for originality, but often everything that one needs already exists and only has to be discovered and reinterpreted.
Different visual cultures, materials and objects designed for other aims, and the overlapping of genres: these are all aspects that can pave the way towards innovation, which then need the addition of a personal or unexpected touch.
This is often how spaces are customised, representing real originality today and making the feeling ofbeing at ease in your own space truly tangible.
Surfaces are vital elements for creating interior and exterior environments and their aesthetics are an important part of customising spaces.
High-tech porcelain surfaces have become fertile ground for experimentation, especially since the level of technology has allowed practically every type of material to be reproduced.
Since 1961 Iris Ceramica has been at the technical forefront in the production of latest generation porcelain slabs.
As an international reference point, Iris Ceramica has always cultivated “a unique style based on audacity, imagination and tradition in its collections”, encouraged by an inexhaustible supply of innovative solutions in glazed ceramics and porcelain for floors and walls.
The partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living, which began in 2016, today offers futuristic and extremely imaginative solutions for floors and coverings inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world.
This is an international-scale project in which two leading brands Made in Italy join forces to share their design know-how.
"To fully understand this work, one needs to think of the roots of the project itself, which can be seen in the eclectic and imaginative mix of materials that inspired the whole collection, including: concrete, glass, metals, cloth, jute andcanvas".
Although apparently far-removed, the languages of the two partners fully represent the spirit of originality and the search for customisation mentioned above.
It has given birth to collections with different patterns that are in some cases visual opposites, with inspiration completely different from that of traditional surfaces.
For example, the colours of Mexican pueblos, offered as concrete surfaces in Cement Mexican; the burnt wood affected by time and wear that producedCombustion Cracklè; and oxidized glass with metal inserts from disused factories in Industrial Glass.
These are some examples of a vast catalogue of collections that literally cross places ranging from deep space to exotic localities but, above all, that explore the cultural suggestions of the collective modern imaginary, creating in turn a new universe of imagination.
The gallery presents innovative solutions created with Grunge Concrete: concrete inspired by hyper-realism, with cracks, fissures, peeling and scratches, apparent imperfections that are enhanced by the neutral base shades typical of the most widely-used building material.
Metals are the basis of Metal Perf: steel and aluminium, copper and bronze ensure an atmosphere with an industrial feel, for lofts and open spaces, where the light creates incomparable effects of shade and where it is easy to let your imagination run riot with the most daring furnishings.
Everything in the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections is lived-in and has a vintagefeel: although the styles of reference are clearly industrial and metropolitan, it is possible to imagine a made to measure reality, created at one's own pleasure, both in contemporary homes and in business activity or office.

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