New sizes of FMG marble effect surfaces

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FMG’s new 200x100 marble effect porcelain slabs expand the potential of contemporary surfaces for architects with the visual continuity and luminosity of the most classic of covering materials

New sizes of FMG marble effect surfaces
Designers explore all the technical and aesthetic potential of covering materials to make the best indoor and outdoor floors.
Study of new sizes is one of the most interesting of the possibilities offered by working with technical ceramics.
Though it is the surprising final aesthetic effect that attracts all the attention (such as marble, wood and stone effects), size is also a very important variable in view of the architectural requirements of new homes and renovation projects in public and private buildings.
A multitude of new sizes have become available in recent years, alongside the traditional ones generally based on the square shape (30x30, 60x60 cm).
Bigger and bigger sizes for slabs that are still lightweight and easy to install are the latest new development on the technical porcelain market in recent years, such as Maxfine by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti.
Bigger than any other porcelain tile but still ultra thin, Maxfine does away with the boundaries between "surfaces for architecture and furnishings".
Thin but strong, Maxfine is easy to lay in any kind of interior (kitchen, bathroom, living room). As outdoor cladding, porcelain maxi-tiles can be installed in any outdoor space or on ventilated façades
Its uncommon versatility also makes Maxfine perfect for use in furniture, either cut to size or in its standard form, to make benches, flowerbeds, tables and doors, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom countertops and reception desks. 
The new 200x100 cm size in FMG’s White Calacatta, Stone Grey and Bianco Venato Extra marble effect collections allow designers to expand the potential of contemporary surfaces with visual continuity and delicate natural veins. 
The 3 different colours inspired by traditional marbles broaden the horizons of design and the creative choices for contemporary, modern and traditional floors.
Marble is a cross-cutting material attractive primarily for its expressiveness, which can be used in homes, offices and commercial premises without subtracting any of its attractiveness and natural luminosity.
Easy to combine with furniture in any style, marble effect slabs underline both the details and the overall effect, adding a sophisticated touch of natural prestige to the overall atmosphere in a space.

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