New light and dark Ultra Ariostea marbles for refined, luminous atmospheres

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Contemporary design combines innovative maxi-slabs of technical ceramic with the look of classic materials, such as the many varieties of marble. This is the inspiration behind the Ultra Marmi Dark Emperador, Bianco Statuario and Capraia collections, in which Ariostea amplifies its custom-made solutions and facilitates the task of combining different materials and colours

New light and dark Ultra Ariostea marbles for refined, luminous atmospheres
Ceramic maxi-slabs represent one of the most important innovations in design and in contemporary surface coverings. Porcelain is a single large-scale product combining several qualities of primary importance, such as resistance, inalterability and easy cleaning, with the look of the most refined materials.
These definitely include marble, still among the most commonly requested materials on the ceramic market, for its acknowledged beauty, luminosity and feeling of resistance and prestige.
Moreover, technical ceramic is an extremely ductile and flexible material, expanding the range of on-demand solutions for the home and workplace, both indoors and outdoors.
Ariostea’s Ultra technology permits creation and customisation of true manufactures, accessories and installations on the basis of the concepts of lightness and technical performance applied to ceramic maxi-slabs.
Examples include items of furniture such as tables, doors, fireplaces, cabinets, washbasins and countertops, to mention only a few of the most important.
For design in 2020, the vast anthology of colours in the Ultra Marmi Ariostea collection is expanded with a number of new surfaces broadening the range for the world of contemporary surfaces, especially – but not only – for the kitchen and bathroom.
To give free reign to creativity in spaces in the home, the company has created Dark Emperador, Bianco Statuario and Capraia, inspired by prestigious natural stones and featuring the effects of contrast between light and dark colours.
In Dark Emperador, Ariostea explores the possibilities offered by the famous stone from the provinces of Murcia and Alicante, in southeast Spain, with its dark brown background.
The material’s surface is underlined by a dense original pattern of beige veins glimmering with golden and amber highlights. Available in numerous large sizes as well as more conventional sizes (300x150, 150x150, 150x75, 75x75 and 75x37,5 cm), Dark Emperador comes in the Lucidata Shiny finish, which "emphasises all the beauty of the surface, its reflections and the many hues of colour in its elegant graphic pattern".
Its ultralight thickness of only 6 mm and resistance typical of porcelain are combined with extremely easy installation and unrivalled flexibility.
Its elegant appearance and advanced technical performance employing Ultra technology make Dark Emperador the ideal material for a variety of applications, ranging from traditional uses as a floor and wall covering for spaces in both classic and modern style to covering the surfaces of items of furniture.
Bianco Statuario is an Italian marble that requires no introduction, as its fame spans different ages in history and international borders. 
The prestige of this surface, in which characteristic grey veins are intertwined against a crystalline white background, is still much sought-after for coverings in contemporary spaces, with its timeless attraction and refinement.
Innovative Ariostea technology has permitted creation of different graphics for different faces, to ensure the dynamism and realism of the resulting product.
This variety is also available in different sizes, from 300x150 cm to 75x37.5 cm, with Lucidato Shiny and Soft finishes. In this case too, the material’s application design includes numerous custom-made elements for underlining different atmospheres and spaces, in all architectural styles and for all kinds of uses.
Ariostea continues to research and explore the mimetic potential of porcelain with Capraia
All the peculiarities of this fascinating Tuscan marble are reproduced against a white background, starting with its "colour variations from dark grey to brown and from bordeaux to almost black”. 
This material features a strong contrast between the pale background and the polychrome veins, creating a unique aesthetic result of great personality.
In the case of Capraia, the unusual veining and details are not secondary aspects serving as infill, but graphic elements of great decorative value that enrich both the details and the overall appearance of the surface.
What stands out in all these new Ultra Marmi collections, from light to dark colours, is the strong appeal and radiant beauty they give to spaces. This formal elegance makes it easy to combine them with other materials, adding to the potential solutions available to anyone who may wish to renew or expand the design of their spaces for everyday living.

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