Nature and technology come together in Porcelaingres surfaces

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Customisation of spaces is underlined by Porcelaingres porcelain tile collections inspired by rocks and stones, including the new Mile_Stone, recalling the originality of nature in every room in the home

Nature and technology come together in Porcelaingres surfaces

How are home surfaces designed? What sensations should they convey, and what is the best interior decorating style to go with these surfaces? As our readers will image, there can be no single, objective answer to these frequent questions. Architects and designers may aim to customise the home environment, but its definition is always a subjective variable.
Materials such as porcelain for indoor and outdoor use can help define the identity of floors and walls in the home.
Ceramic production has achieved such an advanced state of technology that it can now answer these questions in various different ways - as many ways as the possible effects of porcelain tiles: floors that look like marble, wall coverings that look like wood, and so on.
Customising a space means above all choosing among numerous possibilities, as in the case of Porcelaingres's vast production of porcelain tiles .

An on-going search for ever-new compositional possibilities distinguishes Porcelaingres's production, which has over the years come to give "porcelain a look of its own, acknowledging the material's benefits without using it to imitate other materials, making the most of its decorative potential". Natural stone has, at all times and all latitudes, always been a classic covering for home surfaces because of its practical potential and its aesthetic and evocative power, inherent in its nature and history. And no other material can compete with natural stone when it comes to solidity and long life, which is why this material inspires Porcelaingres's new Mile_Stone collection.
One of the key features of natural stone is its uniqueness, a beauty created "by the action of time and the weather".
This is how Mile_Stone represents four variations on the theme of erosion, "four symphonies engraved by time on slabs of rock" in a product that combines nature with technology in an unusual and fascinating way. It is available in four colours (Carbon Black, Rusted Brown, Chalky Grey, Faded Beige) produced with a natural or honed finish in various different sizes to respond to the requirements of indoor flooring and outdoor pavements.

We have added two more Porcelaingres collections based on stone and its geological progression to our gallery: New Sandstein and Rusty Stone. The different layers of rock inspire the three variants of New Sandstein (Slate, Grey Slate and Bavarian Stone): harmony and a clear sensation of stability are the keys to spaces covered with New Sandstein, inspired by the passage of time and the sedimentary layers present in nature.
The different colours of Rusty Stone are even more evocative, "allowing us to go back in time to prehistory and surround ourselves with the colours of the Jurassic Age", like an archetype of the home of primitive man evoking primordial social and family relations.
Rusty Grey, Rusty Silver and Rusty Gold feature the light hues and compositional variety of an ever-changing material, giving spaces a timeless elegance and fascination that goes beyond the fads, underlining the customisation of the home.


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