SapienStone kitchen countertops: the perfect solution for today’s kitchens

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The SapienStone brand responds to all the everyday requirements of the kitchen thanks to the unique properties of the Iris Ceramica Group’s high-tech porcelain. Compact, non-absorbent and non-porous, this material is impenetrable and easy to clean, preserving all its original beauty over the years

SapienStone kitchen countertops: the perfect solution for today’s kitchens
What material to choose for the kitchen countertop? What is the ideal work surface for kitchen design
These are some of the most common questions people ask when planning spaces and choosing essential furnishings for the home.
As it is an element of central importance, used more than any other surface every day, the choice of the best kitchen countertop is a very important step nowadays, both for meal preparation and for use as a general work surface.
The kitchen utensils, coffeepots and pans that come into contact with the kitchen countertop are very often at high temperatures, while the ingredients used in preparation of different foods are often greasy or wet. 
It follows that keeping the kitchen countertop clean can potentially cause even more wear in the long term, as the counter will constantly be in contact with water and cleaning products, which can scratch its surface, compromising its initial technical and aesthetic properties.
Guaranteeing appropriate resistance of the kitchen countertop and beauty that will remain unaltered over the years are key challenges met by high-tech materials designed specifically for covering surfaces in the kitchen. 
The world’s top makers of high-tech ceramics such as the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the industry and a landmark in Italian ceramics production, know that the answer to all these questions may be found in the intrinsic qualities of porcelain.
The SapienStone brand was established precisely to make the most of the technical and aesthetic properties of porcelain made by the Iris Ceramica Group for intensive, prolonged use of the kitchen countertop.
No other ceramic material can compare with the very low standard water absorption values of porcelain (0.5% or less), as certified by all the parameters and standards defining the properties of Italian ceramic tiles.
This near-total impermeability gives porcelain its resistance: to bending, to deep abrasion, to aggressive chemicals, to scratches and, as mentioned, to heat.
The extreme compactness and non-porosity of SapienStone porcelain also permits easy everyday cleaning, by virtue of its impenetrability: cooking oil, wine, sauce, coffee, acidic substances and residues of cleaning products can be effortlessly wiped off, and this easy cleaning ensures that the material is preserved over time.
Another direct consequence of these unique properties is the overall hygiene of the SapienStone countertop: because it is non-absorbent, it can come directly into contact with food, with no need to place another surface between the food and the counter.
In aesthetic terms, the range of colours and finishes of SapienStone porcelain is vast and highly varied, permitting matching with a variety of other surfaces and furnishings. The slabs’ great versatility permits considerable customisation of spaces, underlining their hues and gloss, such as the marble effect of Calacatta Statuario, Bright Onyx, Arabescato and Dark Marquina or the knots and details of the wood effect of Rovere Baio and Rovere Buckskin.
Slabs in some of the collections, such as White Calacatta/Mirrored and Calacatta Statuario/Mirrored, can be flanked in continuity to create a book-matched mirror effect, an aesthetic result that is not only highly evocative but synonymous with top quality material.
SapienStone can also be used as an outdoor tabletop thanks to its resistance to sunlight, weather and temperature excursions.

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