Porcelain tiles to enhance the atmosphere of domestic spaces


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The aesthetic properties of wall and floor porcelain tiles by Stonepeak and simple lighting effects, enhance the evocative potential of every home environment.

Porcelain tiles to enhance the atmosphere of domestic spaces

The atmosphere of a home environment is a combination of a range of elements, many of which have their own special design. We often delegate all the appeal of a room and the communication of our tastes and emotions to this formal aspect, an innate part of the object. Let’s take, for example, the living area, a combination of furnishings, pictures, household appliances and a series of objects from lights to mirrors, which in our eyes and memory appear to define the very style of our living room. But more than anything it is the less tangible elements (natural and artificial light, above all,) and the personal choices of composition (placements, pairings, the position of empty spaces) that determine our overall perception of the space

The choice of floor and wall tiles for the interior, for example, is a fundamental step in defining the identity of the domestic environment, as can be clearly seen in thecollections of porcelain tiles by Stonepeak. In its projects for porcelain surfaces, Stonepeak addresses a plurality of styles, situations and moods. Every corner of the home can be the centre of an overall design vision: in the photo gallery you can see, for example, corners of the bathroom area (one of the ‘hidden’ and most personal spaces in every home) with the porcelain wall tiles of the Adamas range.

10 variables from Albus to Ater, which with lighting effects and colour combinations define the character of a space more than any other furnishing element. 7 colours linked to the earth form the Aura collection: to complement the kitchen area, for example, Aura porcelain tiles can be combined with a wide range of furnishing styles, blending into a single visual arrangement or highlighting the walls through colour contrasts. Stonepeak porcelain tiles offer a range of solutions for floors and coverings for indoors and outdoors, solutions through which one can easily express one’s sensibility and individual taste.

Marco Privato

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