Maiolica: traditional and contemporary coverings


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With their great variety of colours and sizes, Iris Ceramica’s porcelain stoneware tiles in the Maiolica collection allow you to customise spaces in the home and underline their aesthetic properties with the aid of numerous decorations

Maiolica: traditional and contemporary coverings

There are numerous aesthetic factors that may be emphasised to obtain the best performance in surfaces. Numerous residential and commercial projects put the focus on the expressive power of colours. Like many modern artists who have thoroughly studied the potential of colour, and of combinations of two or more colours, designers increasingly draw inspiration from combinations of colours. With this specific goal in mind, right from the first architectural choices designers can expand our perception of space and evoke the emotions called up by different colours, especially in spaces such as the home kitchen and bathroom. Approaching floor and wall coverings as if they were installations, three-dimensional works or even true paintings, architects find themselves putting together the colour scheme of spaces just like painters.

Iris Ceramica offers the Maiolica collection of porcelain stoneware tiles inspired, as the name suggests, by the tradition of majolica pottery, offering original compositional solutions for the spaces we use every day. It will be clear from the examples on display in the gallery that Maiolica stimulates creativity and adds a personal touch to the walls, with porcelain stoneware wall tiles in colours which alternate and combine to form an original composition. Tiles with a slightly faded surface enhancing its "luminous body".

In addition to the multitude of colours of the Maiolica line of tiles (Acquamarina, Arancio, Corda, Crema, Grigio, Latte, Mare, Mela, Nero, Ocra, Prugna, Rosso), the line offers the versatility of different laying geometries and modular variants, such as the new 10x30 size presented in the US in April and at Cersaie last October. This new porcelain stoneware tile size adds to the product’s versatility and ensures maximum freedom of composition, making it possible to freely combine numerous artistic and handcrafted decorative elements (some of which are inspired by Renaissance majolica pottery), adding to the originality of the space and offering living solutions that create the perfect balance between the traditional and the contemporary. 

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