Magneto: the Fiandre collection for metropolitan and industrial-style spaces

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In the new Magneto collection by Fiandre, concrete is rediscovered in its most essential and material form, becoming an excellent solution for spaces with a metropolitan and industrial style. It is a material with a traditional appeal, that becomes the focus once more, with new metal effects and oxidation that make it contemporary and versatile.

Magneto: the Fiandre collection for metropolitan and industrial-style spaces
Modern design trends explore all the inspirations of the moment, from those of social networks to the ever-popular, with the latter reinterpreted by changing little details or adding technical solutions that have emerged from new materials.
Every aspect of social networks and every mood, derived from mass culture, can be a model of reference. However, whatever the furnishing style, it has to customise a space, which always has to communicate and reflect the personality and identity of whoever lives in a home every day.
In recent years we've seen lots of retro ideas make a comeback, for example in objects with other primary functions (vases, shelves, tables, lights and storage chests) which have becomeobjects of design and furnishing accessories in today's usage, both inside and outside the home.
Modern surfacesare inspired by the most popular design trends and by every material, for example oxidised metal, opaque glass and fabrics. This results in porcelain surfaces that are ideal for metropolitan and industrial style, with a grunge feel that is intimately linked to the urban spirit.
Spaces that are created with a metropolitan and industrial style look to the past, also combining shapes from different eras to produce large open spaces, exposed brickwork and, where possible, very high ceilings.
In these settings, the design of surfaces contributes to theretro atmosphere with effects and finishes, above all those that are strongly material, and with various colour shades.
The focus is particularly on neutral shades, or on those that recall materials in their raw or essential states.
It is no coincidence that concrete, the basis of every building structure, is one of the most elegant coverings for metropolitan and industrial styles.
Its strongly material nature, enhanced by new metallic effects and by oxidation, is the creative inspiration for the new Magneto collection, by Fiandre which offers slabs for floors and coverings in Gold, Rust, Corten, Arctic, Silver andCarbon.
"The charm of worn material is fully expressed in a trendy palette, dominated by cold or warm shades".
The Magneto collection has a wide range of colour shades in gradation or in contrast : each one can customise every single piece with striking light and shade effects. Character and personality are the two main features of this new collection of high tech porcelain tiles.
The end result is aimed at both the world of contract retail and at private homes, where there is a desire to create one's own story every day through one's own spaces, characterising them in an original way and making them unique.
Magneto makes this possible by offering a versatile alternative that combines tradition and modernity , warm and cold, light and shade, with a special focus on luminosity, making it suitable for spaces of different sizes with a range of furnishing styles.
Available in traditional 120x60, 120x30 and 60x30 cm sizes and in natural and structured finishes in a single 60x30 size, Magneto offers rugged, intense surfaces, with a rough, lived-in feel that makes it pleasant to the touch and sight.
Magneto also interacts with the new technology DYS - Design Your Slab , the innovative Iris Ceramica Group service for designers, decorators and customers "who can express their style through unique, customised creations".
Thanks to a technique that creates extremely striking colour effects and solutions, printing any graphic image or texture on a porcelain surface, Fiandre offers even more customisation for contemporary spaces.

Marco Privato

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