The Madeira collection by Iris Ceramica: a versatile, trendy wood effect

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The attractive ability of the contemporary interior and the growing desire for customisation leads us to create home spaces that are always changing. High-tech ceramic surfaces fully meet the need for versatility and can be easily combined with any style of furnishing, past or present. Madeira, the Iris Ceramica wood-effect collection, is a combination of tradition and the future, of nature and technology.
Without cutting down any trees, the creation of knots, veins and the intricate detail of its dynamic texture characterise any atmosphere with taste and originality, both indoors and out.

The Madeira collection by Iris Ceramica: a versatile, trendy wood effect
When we imagine our everyday environments, we increasingly think of spaces that are continually in flux, which are flexible and changeable. We think of the home as a place where we will alter its furnishings, integrated with household appliances and other new technologies, either in layers of accumulation or completely changed from its original layout.
It is a space that reflects us and accompanies us on our personal and family journey, with changes in habits, tastes and routines that inevitably influence the atmosphere of everything that surrounds us.
Some rooms in the home, like the living room and the bedroom are particularly subject to change, even in a short space of time. Others, like the kitchen and the bathroomare more stable, but are also subject to change over time.
In this continually changing picture, surfaces are one of thearchitectural elements that are the most stable and long-lasting.
Their choice therefore needs a lot of thought, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, selecting materials that will cover spaces that are, as we said, ever-changing, carefully.
One of the most sought-after qualities in contemporary surfaces is how easily it fits with different furnishing styles.
High-tech ceramic materials like porcelain are the best and most immediate choice, as they are completely hard-wearing andimpermeable (no other material boasts an absorption coefficient that is practically zero).
From a technical point of view, porcelain has vastly improved the performance of quarried materials (eliminating imperfections like fractures, porosity, schistosity and uneven colour). Also in terms of aesthetics, the solutions offered in recent years completely satisfy the need for versatility and ease of matching demanded by contemporary architecture.
At the very first glance the wide range of products by Iris Ceramica demonstrate how porcelain has reached an absolute level of aesthetics.
Wood, stone, marbleand concrete are reproduced in numerous finishes and colours, offering an unrivalled variety of choices.
These classic materials, which are ideal for traditional, modern or minimalistdesign, have been joined in recent years by the effects of fabrics, glass, onyx, oxidised metals and burnt wood, thanks to a partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living.
Inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections are aimed at those who love exotic environments with hyperrealist atmospheres, creating extremely personal spaces that are very striking.
Among the more traditional materials, wood is still one of the possibilities that best captures the imagination and meets the need for versatility and ease of matching different styles.
All the styles inspired by vintage atmospheres, like shabby chic, rustic or country style, are ideal when accompanied by a wood effect, which offers a genuineness and atextured feel that transforms any space into a comfortable and welcoming one.
Looking both at tradition and to the future of porcelain, Madeira is the Iris Ceramica collection that joins the manywood effect solutions available, drawing inspiration from the finest types of wood.
In its 5 textures, Antracite, Beige, Bianco, Corda and Grigio, "the fusion of contrasting elements becomes a perfect balance in a ceramic collection designed with contemporary architecture in mind (...) knots and veins are recreated in painstaking detail in the dynamic and, at the same time, delicate graphics, which will bring style and personality to any space".
The R11 non-slip finish is an added value that makes Madeira an ideal solution for all outdoor spaces or spaces that need textured surfaces, where the presence of water, constant humidity or ice require a better grip.
Madeira can also be used as a wall covering and offers a high level of customisation for indoors and outdoors, thanks to the originality of the delicate and elegant wooden veining.

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