Large tiles that look like metal, indoor flooring


Porcelain Tile, Metal,


Large tiles for interior flooring are the basis of Porcelaingres’s design research exploring the aesthetic potential of porcelain through elegant and sophisticated collections with metallic effects, such as Great Metals and Just Great.

Large tiles that look like metal, indoor flooring

The vast range of interior flooring materials now available on the market includes more and more ceramic materials exploring the potential of porcelain tiles and their ability to add value to the home. A dependable, unalterable and easy to maintain material, porcelain allows architects to concentrate on its aesthetic impact, which includes not only colour but tiles and their composition. These are the basic considerations inspiring Porcelaingres’s large tiles, especially the large porcelain tiles in the innovative Great Metals and Just Great collections, available in tiles measuring 300 x 150 cm (and other sizes: 75 and 37.5 cm) only 6 mm thick. Intended primarily for indoor floors and walls, large tiles are no longer a separate element in interiors, but represent a complement to them, going beyond the function of 'simple' surface covering.

Some of the basic elements in interior design (light, layout, the perspective of the walls, the use of colour, and so on) are therefore also keys to the production of porcelain tiles and to Porcelaingres’s approach to design. For example, in addition to the standard function of indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings, porcelain tiles may be considered elements of furniture and decoration, or used as modern kitchen countertops and work surfaces. Great Metals and Just Great in particular are inspired by the aesthetic potential of "metals", key elements in contemporary architecture. Great Metals with the cor-ten look of the Oxidum line; the brightness of steely White Iron; the sophisticated minimalism of Steel; the pale elegance of Zinc Titanium.

Just Great through contrast between Super Black and Super White. In architectural projects for the home, both large and small, it is always important to take care to choose the very best porcelain tiles. Surfaces may be underlined with proper use of light, colour combinations extending indoors and outdoors (also as element which are often viewed solely in terms of their function, such as staircases, trusses or window and door frames), and individual objects of design: everything has an impact on the way we perceive a place and on the search for new meaning in the home.

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