Design and innovation with Stonepeak high-tech ceramic surfaces

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The identity of today’s contemporary spaces is determined with simplicity and creativity thanks to the many porcelain floor and wall coverings available today. Stonepeak surfaces put the know-how gathered by the Iris Ceramica Group over decades of experience to work for unlimited design applications

Design and innovation with Stonepeak high-tech ceramic surfaces
The style of contemporary spaces is expressed through careful choice of the best surfaces, finishes and furnishings.
High-tech ceramic floor and wall coverings represent a concrete example of the possibility of improving indoor and outdoor spaces with today’s technologies, expanding the range of creative possibilities available to designers and clients.
All this is made possible by the acknowledged properties of porcelain (strength, inalterability, non-absorbency) and its highly varied appearance exploring all the effects and colours of very different materials: from wood to marble and from onyx to textiles.
The versatility of new generation high-tech ceramics is best expressed in maxi-slabs: a true design solution permitting redefinition of spaces with new uninterrupted visual perceptions.
Ceramic maxi-slabs are lightweight and extremely practical despite their extreme thinness.
There are no limits on laying schemes for porcelain tiles, either indoors or outdoors: maxi-slabs offer a fascinating solution for contemporary furnishings, capable of covering custom-sized countertops and tabletops.
Porcelain’s compactness also ensures great mechanical strength, expanding the range of possible uses to include high-performing systems such as raised floors and ventilated façades.
How are these aesthetic high-tech ceramic slabs made?
The production process reproduces all the steps that take place in nature, accelerating their composition in high-temperature furnaces.
The Iris Ceramica Group, a global player and a leader in Italian-made ceramics, makes high-tech ceramic out of the best clay, feldspar sand, silica and quartz available on the market.
Key features of Iris Ceramica Group materials include closed-circuit production methods in which raw materials left over from the production cycle are put back into the cycle for reuse. "Green" (unfired) scrap is the most significant by-product of the process, and it is put back into the production cycle; fired scrap "is to all intents and purposes inert matter, as demonstrated by current legislation and by specialised studies conducted in university laboratories" and their geotechnical and environmental qualities qualify them for use in construction of buildings and roads as an alternative to quarried stone.
Stonepeak is the Iris Ceramica Group’s American brand based on the Italian tradition of ceramics. One of America’s most important makers of ceramics, the company has a mission to solve customers’ specific problems with a unique range of top quality design solutions.
Its many collections are inspired by and share the beauty of natural stone. The design of Stonepeak surfaces responds to the most demanding contemporary requirements, for custom-built homes that always express comfort, naturalness and warmth and for all other applications.
Stonepeak’s many proposals include those shown in our photo gallery, the Plane collection, available in five different modular sizes ranging up to 5'x10' (60x120 cm.). Plane demonstrates all the best properties of high-tech ceramics in a single product: flexibility, resistance to shocks, mould, heat and frost, and the absence of artificial adhesives and VOC emissions.
Available in 22 different colours, the Plane collection can be used in buildings of all styles, from classic to contemporary, from vintage styles to outdoor solutions, guaranteeing the utmost expressiveness and all the charm of natural stone in all these situations.

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