Decorating and customising spaces: DYS technology on Fiandre ceramic slabs


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DYS - Design Your Slab is an innovative complete on-demand decorating service for Fiandre ceramic surfaces, applicable to Maximum slabs, traditional tiles and custom-sized ceramics.  The Iris Ceramica Group’s DYS technology permits transfer of graphic images, photographs and illustrations of any kind onto a variety of ceramic surfaces to customise spaces at will. Designers are offered new possibilities for surface coverings and furnishings, opening up new paths for creativity and contemporary interior design

Decorating and customising spaces: DYS technology on Fiandre ceramic slabs
Ceramic has played a key role in the history of modern and contemporary architecture thanks to the projects and experimentation of great masters such as Antoni Gaudí, Giò Ponti, Alessandro Mendini, Bernard Tschumi and Alvaro Siza.
A key feature of interior design, ceramic has found numerous applications covering walls, floors and countertops, preserving its highly decorative character.
Decoration has always been a strong point of ceramic.
This ancient characteristic has become increasingly relevant today thanks to production of porcelain building materials and the technical innovations that now permit transfer of any kind of image, graphics or illustration onto ceramic surfaces such as Fiandre slabs with innovative DYS technology.
Fiandre high-tech ceramic has stood out for its innovative content ever since it was first released on the international surfaces market in the early sixties.
After becoming the first company to launch full-body ceramic on the market in 1969, Fiandre continued renewing and experimenting with its porcelain maxi-slabs, reaching the imposing size of 3x1.5 m.
This has been followed by other important steps over the years, such as combined use of new ceramic elements (such as metals) and, in the new millennium, a growing focus on issues of environmental sustainability ("Active Clean & Antibacterical Ceramic ® is the result of Fiandre’s research into new ways of improving quality of life").
On the market in more than 100 countries all over the world with its range of floor and wall coverings for the contract industry, wellness, residential projects and leisure facilities, Fiandre is one of the leading brands in the Iris Ceramica Group, known the world over for its beautiful high-tech ceramics.
Fiandre surfaces are now rediscovering all the potential of decoration and creativity that has characterised ceramic ever since its origins thanks to DYS (Design Your Slab), a revolutionary new ultra-high definition printing service now offered by the Iris Ceramica Group.
"In Design Your Slab, designers and architects as well as artists who want to let their imagination run wild on large ceramic slabs find their first genuine ally." DYS eliminates all the limitations on “ what can be reproduced” on covering materials in support of the principle of exclusiveness, the most sought-after value making a product truly unique.
Customising the ceramic slab and therefore its surface has never been this easy. This is no mere advertising slogan, but a true statement of how the innovative DYS system allows Fiandre slabs to reproduce all kinds of details and effects for a practically unlimited range of applications.

Examples include metallic and optical effects, the bright colours of complex graphics and illustrations, photographs, artistic images and geometric patterns: on coverings for indoor and outdoor surfaces and on Maximum slabs as well as traditional tiles. In short, in this case personal taste can translate into a surface or furnishings that become a key part of our everyday lives.
A team of Fiandre experts oversees and defines the details of how the image is reproduced to ensure that it fully meets the client’s expectations.
And when it comes to the performance of the material, the absolute quality of Fiandre porcelain ensures that the colour has optimal resistance to UV rays, and will remain unaltered over the years.
Moreover, ceramic is fire-proof, smog-proof and resistant to moulds and moss, aspects of durability that make Fiandre slabs with DYS technology particularly recommended for outdoor use, as for example in redevelopment of urban areas for public or commercial uses.

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