Customising spaces in the home with Iris surfaces


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One of the key goals of contemporary design is reflecting our own personality in the home, and Iris Ceramica does this with porcelain floor and wall coverings that define the identity of rooms and make them truly unique

Customising spaces in the home with Iris surfaces

There are many ways to customise the spaces in the home in a contemporary mood: underlining the objects we love and to which we assign positive value; accentuating light and green space; finding room for inspiration and relaxation. There are a multitude of rules of "good design", and they are all valid, all aiming to customise the home, the true goal of contemporary design. Surfaces can represent the first step in ensuring that the home reflects our own image and character. Floor and wall surfaces reflect the potential of the home, and are one of the most important decorating choices; as they are less likely to be changed over the years, unlike furniture, which can always be rearranged, floors must meet long-term technical and aesthetic requirements.

Iris Ceramica has stood out for these two factors over decades producing ceramic coverings: an innovative way of making porcelain, producing a material that is perfect for covering surfaces and maintains all its creative and aesthetic potential even as decorating styles change over the years. Made in Italy and entirely sustainable, Iris porcelain surfaces are inspired by nature and underline its beauty in architecture and design that uses technological innovation to "improve quality of life and guarantee a future “on a human scale”. Every room in the home (from the living room to outdoor spaces, from the bathroom to the kitchen) has its own potential aesthetic solution: colours, textures and effects perfectly reflecting the evocativeness of stone, wood, concrete and marble to create surprising sensorial effects. In this gallery we combine two collections with different visual effects: more traditional in the case of Space, more unusual in Rays.

The Rays collection underlines "emotions that are created and transformed" through light. The glossy enamel of these high-tech porcelain tiles (square or rectangular, available in 9 colours) forms geometric effects and reflections in which the depth of the colour "is equal to the levity of gradations in hue, brightened up by sparkling quartz that adds a subtle precious touch to the uniform colour of the background". The more traditional look of the 5 variants of Space (Black, White, Grey, Grege and Beige) is a solution that primarily emphasises the purity of the material, in which the various textures shade and reflect their own natural dynamism. With Space, the predominant sensation is the power of classicism, for indoor and outdoor spaces that withstand the test of time, instinctively reminding of the colours and shades of the earth.

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