Ceramics and fashion – trends for fall

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Ceramics and fashion – trends for fall

Fall is on its way, and though the summer may not have lived up to all our expectations, at least in the north, the rain has at least offered us an opportunity to appreciate the non-slip qualities of flooring materials, even in locations other than outdoor swimming pools! But we must admit we are all looking forward to seeing the fall colours, in fashion as well as in nature.

„Fashion addicts“ will have noticed that black is back, emphasised by contrast with white, but spicy colours such as mustard, cinnamon and pepper, lemon yellow and lilac all play an important role this fall.
As we put on warmer clothes and cooler weather forces us to spend more time at home, we soon note the parallels between interior design and fashion.
Black in all its forms is and remains a perennial for the elegant home, though brown hues are also increasingly popular, especially for floors.

To create a warmer feel, like a nice woollen sweater, high-tech wood collections such as Iris Ceramica's E-Wood offer all the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware, especially when combined with an underfloor heating system. And what about a touch of colour? This is where GranitiFiandre's Geodiamond collection comes in, in bright yellow, bold red or warm orange for an explosion of autumn colours in the home.
Would you like to have more time to dedicate to the latest fashions and trends?
Then what you need is classic white flooring such as Active self-cleaning tiles capable of improving air quality.
Just as in fashion, beauty can be synonymous with sustainability, as demonstrated by all these ceramic tiles with ANAB, LEED, EMAS, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification.

1.Niigata Medical University, Japan, design by Kume Sekkei (www.granitifiandre.com)
2.Fall in Admiralsstraße, Berlin (Germany),
3.Black. Courtesy of Cesar Valdivieso
4.Ready for winter. Courtesy of Cesar Valdivieso
5.Room featuring Class Ebony Extreme, GranitiFiandre: Technical Ceramic Tiles for Indoor and Outdoor Flooring and Walls
6.Brown 100 from GranitiFiandre's Geostyle collection, made with more than 40% pre-consumer recycled material by weight in compliance with the requirements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criterion 4.1, regarding content of recycled materials”
7.A warm sweater. Courtesy of Cesar Valdivieso
8. E-wood, E-wood porcelain gres tiles that replicate wood in five colors, Iris Ceramica
9.Diamond Yellow from GranitiFiandre's ANAB certified Geodiamond collection.
10.White 50 from GranitiFiandre's Geostyle collection, containing 51% recycled materials, with the Active treatment.

Christiane Bürklein

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