Maximum GranitiFiandre: floors, walls and furniture for design in 2020

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GranitiFiandre’s flexible, versatile Maximum porcelain maxi-slabs are among the top products on the ceramics market for their ability to combine optimal technical performance with enduring beauty. The new Rock Salt Maximum collection explores the world of salt crystals, creating original surfaces and custom-designed furnishings and accessories

Maximum GranitiFiandre: floors, walls and furniture for design in 2020
Porcelain continues to play a key role in design in 2020 with its natural ability to cover not only floors and walls but also furnishings and exclusive custom accessories.
The acknowledged properties of porcelain include resistance to wear and inalterability over time, as well as the versatility that makes it a favourite material among architects and interior designers.
We can now use high-tech ceramics in countless design applications such as installations, kitchen and bathroom countertops, sliding doors, cabinets and bookshelves, to mention only a few items of furniture, as well as false ceilings, partition walls and finishes for yachts.
This is all made possible by maxi-slabs, one of the most important innovations in the ceramic industry in recent years, truly expanding the possibilities of contemporary design
Porcelain maxi-slabs make it possible to establish aesthetic continuity between floor, wall coverings and furnishings, for a total look unthinkable in the past. 
They also permit customisation of spaces both large and small, highlighting surface details in the home and in more complex industrial design projects.
What makes the difference in maxi-slabs is above all the combination of technical performance and light weight
This aspect guarantees easy laying (cutting, perforation, grouting, etc.) and requires very little maintenance, while making it possible to play with the effects of light and transparencies to create original visual effects.
The combination of large size and light weight allows ceramic maxi-slabs to fit into spaces of various kinds with elegance and discretion, adding important decorative and artistic value. Examples include the table, the principal surface in many rooms in the home, from the kitchen to the living room, and from the study to the patio: porcelain offers a series of benefits no other material can provide, in any of these contexts.
As a work surface or supporting surface, a porcelain tabletop is capable of withstanding scratching, abrasion, chemical agents and the weather, and is non-absorbent, easy to clean, anti-bacterial and unalterable with time, maintaining its original appearance and tactile qualities over the years.
These materials for interior design solutions and contemporary coverings appear in many forms in the catalogue of GranitiFiandre’s Maximum line.
Made using carefully chosen raw materials, Maximum slabs are not adulterated by agglomerates and represent the biggest slab size available on the porcelain market, with a minimal thickness of only 6 mm. The weight of a single slab measuring 300x150 cm is only 14 kg per sqm. 
These low thicknesses represent an environmentally sustainable choice, as they " allow 2 to 3 times less raw material to be used compared to quarry materials, as well as lower energy consumption during production.". To this we may add use of environmentally-friendly LEED certified materials. 
Maximum now expands its range of aesthetic and material properties with Rock Salt Maximum surfaces inspired by an essential natural element, salt
Rock Salt Maximum is one of the brand’s most refined collections, in which sea salt crystals are expressed in a complete range of colours including Brown, Pink, White and Grey.
The glossy finish adds further value to the appearance of the maxi-slab, which is always versatile and fascinating in both homes and public spaces, as well as applications in the commercial and contract industries.
Like Maximum Fiandre’s other collections, Rock Salt Maximum may be used to create custom-made furnishings and exclusive objects.
The texture of the surfaces, particularly Pink, "is inspired by blocks of Himalayan pink salt, containing big cubic crystals, with their delicate transparency and contrasting hues".
Among the other hues, White Rock Salt "reproduces the purest rock salt and is designed to give life to bright rooms" with its shades of white. Grey Rock Salt, on the other hand, resembles Breton salt with a cool grey tone that communicates prestige and elegance, combining contemporary design with refinement. 
Lastly, Brown Rock Salt, inspired by the dark brown tones of Indian salt, conveys a warm, cosy feel suitable for interiors in all styles.

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