Maximum: big slabs for today’s spaces

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Innovation and creativity are the most evident features of Graniti Fiandre’s large Maximum slabs: a material capable of underlining black and white (Datauni collection) and shades of grey (Aster) on contemporary surfaces

Maximum: big slabs for today’s spaces
The latest new design trends for the home are, as always, inspired, by creativity and a desire to experiment.
To create the best porcelain flooring, architects turn to the quality and potential of high-tech ceramic, the most dependable material for indoor and outdoor surfaces in the long term.
The most innovative products on the porcelain market include large sizes, which have come to play an increasingly important role in both architecture and interior design over the years.
Maxi slabs measuring up to 300x150 cm reduce the interruptions in the continuity of design and create a uniform, even look.
Large tiles or maxi slabs stand out for their strength, light weight, ductility and versatility, as clearly revealed in the Maximum collections by Graniti Fiandre.
In half a century producing Italian-made porcelain surfaces (as one of the first companies in the industry to focus on this particular material), Fiandre is a world leader in the production of top quality through-coloured porcelain surfaces, covering floors and walls in the contract industry, wellness centres, homes, medical facilities and leisure centres in more than 100 countries.
Graniti Fiandre’s Maximum is the biggest maxi slab available on the porcelain market, measuring 300x150 mm and only 6 mm thick. 
In the Aster and Datauni collections presented here, Maximum maxi slabs go beyond the limits of the classic sizes of ceramic tiles to explore new colour effects underlining contemporary atmospheres.
Inspired by the brushed look of concrete, Aster offers a range of colours in shades ranging from slate grey Moon to the diaphanous pallor of Uranus, the delicate shades of Venus and the sophisticated grey of Mercury
The colour palette is, clearly, inspired by the planets, their light, and the craters in their rock, "designed to underline through-coloured porcelain surfaces "
The motto of the Datauni collection is "Live in full purity": just two simple colours, white (Ice) and black(Pepper), "positive and negative, light and darkness: the nothingness that gives rise to life, and the everything expressed in nothing".
In this collection, Maximum’s study of colour aspires for perfection and for the absolute look produced by two extreme colours, “accentuating its architectural versatility, once again at the complete disposal of creative design” and ideally surrounding Ice and Pepper with refined minimalist atmospheres which are both bold and delicate at the same time.

Marco Privato