Maxilastre Ultra Ariostea: creativity and flexibility

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Ariostea’s Ultra maxi-slabs may be used to customise spaces and overcome structural and visual obstacles, creating spaces covered with uniform, curved, and backlit surfaces

Maxilastre Ultra Ariostea: creativity and flexibility

The ceramics industry has recently taken a new direction, introducing technological innovations that allow architects to exercise their creativity by eliminating numerous architectural and structural constraints.

The most important new developments in the ceramics industry include introduction of the large slabs (maxi-slabs) now available alongside more traditional sizes of tiles for covering floors and walls, objects and furnishings.
This new form of covering allows a single high-tech porcelain slab to cover more than 5 m2 (for instance, in the 320x160 cm size).
This is the case of Ultra maxi-slabs by Ariostea High Tech, a collection of extra-large tiles offering a true ceramic solution with a great variety of different colours and effects, surfaces and finishes.

Such a vast range of different solutions, in addition to giving architects plenty of creative freedom, permits a high degree of customisation of spaces, allowing "architects to express all of these possibilities indoors and outdoors, creating uniform, curved, and even backlit surfaces".
The key advantage of Ariostea’s Ultra porcelain maxi-slabs is strength with low weight, permitted by their very low thickness (from 6 mm to 10 mm, on demand), permitting a number of Ultra products to be backlit with lights of sufficient power.
Resistance to wear, shocks and stress is guaranteed by use of solid-coloured porcelain made from carefully selected natural materials.
Applicable to surfaces both large and small, Ariostea’s Ultra maxi-tiles underline the material’s flexibility and versatility, for they can easily be applied to surfaces both large and small, indoors or outdoors on ventilated walls using the damp cladding method (a traditional form of laying with glue and invisible hooks) or dry (using permanent adhesive with high elasticity, two-sided tape and a metal substructure to ensure ventilation behind the panels).
As the selection of illustrations reveals, the various different Ultra collections all share the same formal elegance and uncommon versatility for use in settings of all kinds and styles, no matter what the desired effect. Ultra is available, among other styles, in slabs that look like marble, metal, onyx, cement, stone and resin.
The latest new colours include 4 new shades in the Ultra Metal collection, Alluminiio, Lamiera Nera, Brunito and Rame with Spazzolato finish.

At the recent Cersaie 2016 in Bologna, the 24th edition of the International Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings Exhibition, Ariostea was featured in the "Twister Pavilion" (designed by Marco Porpora Architetti), a stand characterised by "a globular design based on the circular evolution of strips of material suspended from a pillar structure" which guided visitors into its interior.
The central area with seating and a reception desk was thus underlined by the lightness of the big slabs covering its surfaces and furnishings.

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