Materie High-Tech: the form of nature, with the design of surfaces

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Ariostea’s Materie High-Tech are high-tech materials expressing the originality and aesthetic variety present in nature: porcelain tiles in a great variety of sizes and special pieces to recreate the uniqueness of stone for all kinds of contemporary settings

Materie High-Tech: the form of nature, with the design of surfaces

Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration and observation for artists and philosophers and, in modern times, for designers and anyone concerned with product aesthetics.

Many companies work on the basis of a design philosophy containing elements taken directly from the experience of nature, such as the best quarried stones.

While the strength and durability of natural stone has always been the key reason for its use in architecture, the new technologies add versatility to these qualities.

Working of natural stone provides an on-going source of inspiration for use in various fields of design, and to improve its performance while maintaining the aesthetic properties that make every single piece unique, just as in nature.
In this philosophy of design, Ariostea has created Materie High-Tech, a direct "expression of the solidity and the concrete expressed in different visual and tactile sensations".

The porcelain tiles in the Materie High-Tech and High-Tech natural Stones series are designed for all possible uses (floors and walls both indoors and outdoors) and characterised by the great expressiveness and originality of every single tile.

The new Ghiaccio, Diorite, Peltro and Lignite lines join Lava, Fango, Sabbia, Gesso and Cenere to form a range of porcelain tiles characterised by random variations in the veins and a unique pattern of colours.

What is made accomplished in nature by the constant action of natural elements such as water, earth and fire over geological eras can now be accomplished through a series of production processes which produce their effects in a controlled manner, with no waste and no need for maintenance of the final product.

Porcelain of superior quality as an "alternative" to nature is the modern technical result of countless operations, including monocalibration (squaring-off and grinding to a standard size), water jet cutting and laser colour engraving.

The expressiveness obtained in floors and walls covered with porcelain tiles also permits further customisation of all kinds of spaces, whether residential or commercial, public or private, thanks to possible combinations of different surfaces and materials.

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