Marble floors and walls: Ariostea technology

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Ariostea’s Innovative Slabs High-tech Marbles is a collection of large marble-look porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles combining large size with leading aesthetic qualities and performance.

Marble floors and walls: Ariostea technology

With a production process based on the natural process by which marble is formed over the centuries, Ariostea has created Innovative Slabs High-Tech Marbles, a line of large marble-look porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles
Ariostea High-Tech Marbles offer an effective, complete design solution combining highly evocative beauty (porcelain that looks like marble) with large size (150x75 cm), the latest new trend in today’s refined floor and wall coverings.

Porcelain stoneware plays a key role in contemporary architecture, giving spaces a bold identity with great visual and material power.
The geometry of its compositions and its great versatility give architects the freedom to imagine spaces that can be customised with very different, unrelated solutions.
In marble-look wall tiles, the compositions take on a variety of different hues and veins, forming decorative motifs on individual tiles.
This combination manages to underline sensorial aspects and creates a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

A single product harmoniously combines the classicism of stone, with its powerful reference to traditional Mediterranean atmospheres (Rosso Alicante, Avorio di Sicilia) with large size, creating uninterrupted visual solutions with almost imperceptible grouting.
The versatility of porcelain stoneware also permits application of Innovative Slabs High-Tech Marbles in public places (from high-traffic retail spaces to refined, exclusive locations) as well as residential projects, as in the Bianco Paonazzetto collection.
Ariostea’s high-tech production method guarantees all the aspects of quality performance required for everyday living, including strength and inalterability over time. Porcelain stoneware tiles are made in a single compact mass, worked in a way which guarantees resistance to tread and to chemicals to guarantee their long-term inalterability.

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