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Marble, granite and stone floor tiles are concrete proof of how we can use innovative technologies to improve on the properties of natural materials.

Man made marbles and stones floorings Tiles Texture
Marble, granite and stone floor tiles are concrete proof of how we can use innovative technologies to improve on the properties of natural materials. Through a process very much like the natural one but infinitely faster, technical ceramics marbles and stones are made with natural materials such as minerals, clays, kaolins and feldspars, which make up about 99% of their "mass", completed with colours of mineral origin. Firing in a hot kiln creates a material that is homogeneous throughout its entire mass, with veins running right through it in a random fashion which does not repeat its texture.
Created to reproduce the random textures of nature and overcome the limits of conventional ceramics, man-made marbles, granites and stones are among the strongest, most dependable materials available for cladding in construction and are used above all in indoor and outdoor flooring.


The popularity of man-made Marble tile, granite and stone tiles for floor and walls, is a result of their high technological performance due to elimination of all the defects of the natural materials, such as fractures, porosity, schistosity, pitting and uneven colour.
In addition, man-made floor materials provides the essential morphological and aesthetic features of natural materials, such as non-repetitiveness, calibration and three-dimensionality.
A unique productive process and careful selection of raw materials guarantee excellent technical qualities such as physical and chemical resistance, non-absorbency, reduced thickness and dependability of sampling. Moreover, man-made stone complies perfectly with the most important international product quality standards and is perfectly ecological.

Man-made marbles, travertines, granites and stones tiles meet a variety of different practical and aesthetic needs. The high mechanical resistance of this compact material permits use of man-made stones in areas subject to particularly high static, dynamic and impact loads. These features, combined with reduced thickness and the possibility of obtaining slabs in large formats explain the popularity of these materials in innovative forms of cladding such as ventilated façades and raised floors. High scratch-resistance also makes these materials ideal for flooring in high traffic areas.
They are perfectly non-absorbent and resistant to most chemical cleaning products, making regular and special maintenance operations easy.

Marble, granite and stone floor tiles for floor and walls are used in a wide variety of different contexts:
- Residential Areas: the desire for individuality and customisation are expressed most strongly, in the home, by carefully selecting just the right furniture and fixtures. Flooring and wall coverings also contribute toward creating the distinctive style of a room.

- Shopping Centres: In shopping areas such as malls, supermarkets and showrooms the technical functions of the flooring are every bit as important as aesthetics. It must communicate an attractive and distinctive image but at the same time the material has to be durable and able to withstand the stresses that heavily exploited surfaces are subjected. Safety is also essential, particular attention may need to be paid to surfaces that have technical properties such as non-slip.

- Community Facilities: greater comfort, safety, appearance and ease of maintenance are fundamental requisites for creating comfortable community areas used by people with differing needs, from children to the elderly, from athletes to the disabled, from students to professionals. These community facilities could include hospitals, retirement homes, schools, universities, libraries, public offices, sports centres, cafeterias and churches.

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